Which Tile Saws Do You Need At Home?

Tile saws are a very important device that can help you fix and cut through tiles, as you can understand from the name. If you have come across a situation when you just threw out a chipped or broken tile right out of the window, the you already are aware of the problems of poor quality tile saws. Everyone out there always want to place clean and premium quality tiles without the risk of chipping or wavered edges.

If you invest in the wrong and inefficient tile saw machine, then you are in for some trouble. There are different kinds of tile saws that are available in the market. Take a look at them in this blog and decide for yourself which is the best tile saw.

Snap or Rail Cutters – this tile saw machine works by placing a single tile on the device anf then dragging a wheel across the tile. Once the tile is scored, the foot heel of the machine helps yo assemble the tile to snap into the scored pieces. It is a bit complicated to use and that is why you might break a few tiles initially which practicing. But, once you get into the flow, you will have no problem in setting the tiles easily. It is simple and comes with low cost mechanism. This is very much ideal for do-it-yourself projects which are done on a small scale with simple cuts and tasks that are easily manageable. However, keep in mind that you cannot use it to place stone tiles and the variants with Titanium coating offers the best cuts to the overall process.

Handheld Wet Tile Saws – handheld wet tile saws make full use of a power coated diamond cutting wheel which can easily grind away the tile it comes in contact with. Water is usually supplied with the help of a hose connection or with an on-board container. Dry cutting is only possible, but broadcasts the dust particle across the air. These tile saws are much more convenient for being used to give special cuts and design to the tiles. They are available in both corded and cordless variants. The cuts that are provided with the help of the device are natural and looks really good. It is not that heavy or bulky, making it easier for you to port anywhere.

Table Top Wet Tile Saws – with the help of Table Top Wet Tile Saws, tiles are usually pushed through the table using the diamond cutting wheel that is mounted beneath the table. The wheel continues to rotate in the pool of water that keeps it cool and drastically reduces the amount of dust that goes flying into the air. You need to be really well prepared to use this time saw and without prior experience you should not try it out. The line of sight might not be accurate at all times, making it difficult to use. The friction received by pushing the tile on the table, makes way for a smooth cutting. You can use a mitier attachment for more precise cutting.

Overhead Motor Wet Tile Saws – this tile saw travels across the table by using a rail system that goes through the cutting wheel. Some of the variants also come with stands or there are stands that come separately for purchase. Using submersible pumps, water is supplied to the delivery systems. If you want highly precise cards, then this is the best tile saw variant to use. These are the largest devices among all the other three and that is why you will need some space and time in order to set it up completely. You will get a much better and accurate line of site while using this device because the cutting wheel us situated just above the tile in front of you. There are lasers and LED lights attached to the premium variants for much better accuracy.

So, here are the different kinds of tile saws that are available in the market. All of them have their own set of benefits and disadvantages, which you should be well aware of. Depending on your needs and requirements choose any of the variant you think will be helpful for you.

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