Where to Find Free Tutoring

Whether you’re an 8th grader struggling in basic Social Studies or a college student who is having a horrible time with Advanced Organic Chemistry, getting a tutor to explain concepts, review material, and provide practice problems is a great idea. Unfortunately, good tutors often charge $25-$45 an hour for their services, and the average student simply can’t afford to tutor. Don’t give up- there are numerous free tutoring opportunities all over your neighborhood, in your school, and even at home. Here they are:

Partner Up With a Friend

You’re bound to have a school friend, roommate, or acquaintance who can help you with a difficult subject. If you ask around, you can probably find someone who needs help in your area of expertise and who can help you in subjects where you’re struggling.

Ask Your School Administration

Many times, there are free tutoring programs at middle schools, high schools, and colleges. The tutoring programs are usually run by brainy students trying to get volunteer hours, so ask your school administration if you have a program like this at your school.

Look in Local Churches

Many local churches have free tutoring from college students once or twice a week. Call or e-mail local churches to see if any have tutoring available. Keep in mind that churches will not press their specific religion on you if you go to tutoring. Usually, volunteers of all denominations are just given space in the church to hold free tutoring.

Get Live Tutoring from the Internet

Live tutoring on the Internet is best if you have specific questions about a certain subject, and if you can easily relay your misunderstandings of a certain topic. In San Diego, for example, there is a library site, http://www.sandiego.gov/public-library/, that has a live homework help center that works much like instant messaging.

You can connect with your online tutor via tuition telegram group. This way you can ask your question any time as you are always connected with them. This will help in improving your grades effortlessly. You can invest more time in your studies rather than traveling in between classes as well.  

If All Else Fails, Hire A Low-Cost Tutor

If you live in a small town or if you are just having a hard time finding free tutoring, you could consider low-cost tutoring. Low-cost tutors can most easily be found at local universities, where many tutors charge as little as $10 an hour for their services. Just create a “Tutor Wanted” flyer and post 5 or six of the flyers around local universities. You’ll be sure to get many responses, and so you will be able to pick and choose who you want to hire.

Another idea is to partner up with a friend or small group and hire a tutor. For example, one student with a $30 an hour tutor is paying 30 bucks for just 60 minutes of teaching, but 3 students with a $30 an hour tutor only pay $10 each.

I hope these ideas help you find a reliable free or low-cost tutor. I have utilized all of these methods of tutoring and they have all worked well for me.

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