What Not to Eat During Pregnancy

Apart from knowing what to eat during pregnancy, it is also very important to known in details what not to eat. Pregnancy is a period in a woman’s life when she should be extremely careful of her diet, as the diet directly affects the fetus inside. This article will update you about some of the foods that you should not take while you are pregnant.

Some of the foods discussed here are obvious like alcohol, however be ready to be amazed while you go through the list.

Hazard no 1-Junk/Fast Food

This is a strictly y no-no during pregnancy. The first reason is that you will find it hard to burn those extra calories during pregnancy and the second reason is that they contain detrimental non-food items which may cause serious damage to your baby. Examples of junk food are all sorts of fried foods, cold drinks, sweets, and most of the boxed foods. Almost all of the fast food contain some amount of synthetic vitamin A, which is highly toxic in nature and it would be better that you avoid it during pregnancy.

Hazard no 2- Your beloved Coffee/Caffeine!

Yes, caffeine can also be bad for you during pregnancy, and it is best to avoid it. It is recommended that you reduce your caffeine intake to not more than some 200-220 mg per day. Excess of caffeine intake has a major ill-effect, as it is responsible in reducing the iron absorption capacity of the body, as a result of which normal fetal growth is interfered and it also causes lower birth weight. There is also an increased risk of miscarriage with heavy intake of caffeine during pregnancy.

Hazard no 3: Alcohol

As you will agree that this is no-brainer and keep away from alcohol during pregnancy.

Hazard no 4: All types of Trans-fats

Trans-fats can slow down the conversion of fatty acids required for fetal brain development and diminish the fat content of breast milk of the mother. Trans-fats can also decrease the sperm count. Please notice that products that carry the label “Trans-fat Free” may not be actually so, as a product can be labeled as trans-fat free if it has a gram or less amount of trans fat in it. If you read “partially hydrogenated” on a food product, you better be away from it. The fat in the inner thigh will be reduced through the healthy diet. It will be beneficial for eliminating the excessive fat.

Hazard no 5: Sweeteners

Any form of sweeteners will again in additional calories, and you can gain weight in a rapid fashion if you do take sweeteners. As the fetus is an integral part of your body, the blood sugar regulation of the fetus may also be harmed in a bad way.

Okay, so these were some of the highly hazardous foods, now that you know them, you better be away from all of them. You may get started by preparing a list of the foods you currently take and which fall into the above five hazardous food and practicing to be away from them, at least until the period of pregnancy.

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