What are the most popular Plot Holes in GTA5?

The popularity of Grant Theft Auto series is on its hype. You will find a lot of professional gamers are getting mad for GTA 5. It is a fantastic game that is featuring the drug-fueled hunts for actual ghosts.  

There are three types of plot holes in Grand Theft Auto 5, like Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. They will surely be able to navigate the Criminal underworld according to the requirements.   There are so many things that are available in such a game that isn’t making any sense. Story beats are completely unclear in the game. You will have to skip some major things in the game like Character motivations.  Let’s discuss some biggest Plot Holes in the GTA5.

  • Lester and Trevor story

Michael is considered one of the most popular characters in the GTA 5 who is already retired from the criminal world and living with his beloved family in the Los Santos. However, Lester is still participating in the criminal world. He is the most dangerous character who is doing assassinations, robberies, and other nasty business. There are a lot of criminals are available in the GTA5. If you want to buy the customized cars, then you should make the use of the GTA 5 mod menu. After that, a person can customize it according to the requirements. 

Lester is the most talented guy in GTA who have proper knowledge of the world of crime.

  • The final decision of the game

You will find Michael and Trevor have already been killed in the game.  It is the end of the game that isn’t making any logical sense. Apart from that, a lot of people are searching antagonists of GTA 5 that is Martin Madrazo. He is the most important character who is head of the Major drug cartel. 

  • Real Radio

The majority of the players are making the use of radio stations in the Grand theft Auto 5. You will able to play a favorite song with ease. The majority of the folks are blasting some tunes in the game. This particular game is played in the Vinewood and Los Santos that is considered as analogs of the real-world locations.

These are some potholes of the GTA 5 that is making the game completely unrealistic.

GTA online weapons – How to collect the best one?

To become a proficient Bounty Hunter in the GTA 5, then it is your responsibility to collect the powerful weapons in the game. Make sure that you are considering the best weapon that will able to offer decent protection in the game. If you are one who wants to defend yourself, then one needs to create a particular checklist of the best weapons and opt for the best one.  The following are some great weapons that will improve the chances of winning the toughest missions in the game.

  • Sinister & Sticky

There are so many explosives are available in the GTA 5 and Sinister or sticky is one of them. It is considered an effective option during the race. It is one of the most popular explosive and effective in the gunfight. In order to unlock such a bomb, then it is your responsibility to unlock level 19 in the game.  To win complicated missions, then you will have to collect some important explosive in the game.

  • Pistol whipped

Nothing is important than AP pistol that can be unlocked after the level of 33. It is considered a consistent weapon that is offering a lot of benefits to gamers.

Additionally, these are some important weapons in GTA 5 that will help you in defending the opponent.

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