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I was taking birth control pills for 2 months. I finished me second pack of pills and stopped taking them right after that, so I wasn’t in the middle of a cycle. I had unprotected sex on my highest fertility day, just once and he came inside of me. I have taken 3 hpts and all of them were negative. I haven’t been stressed out, no change in diet or excercise, and no weight gain or loss. I haven’t had a period in 10 weeks. Could I be pregnant? Should I go get a blood test, or is it because I stopped taking birth control? Thank you for you help!

I would suggest that you do have the test done.

It’s very possible to get a negative HPT, and more than once for that matter.

It could be one of two things here – either

A) The fact that you stopped taking the pills could be messing up your cycle -or-

B) You could be pregnant.

Like I said, I suggest having the blood test done, just in case – you never know!

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Best of luck to you, and congrats if you are!

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