Weed Eater Strings- Gardening Technique at its Best

There is a fine line of gap between what you desire and what you deserve but the difference is immense to be ignored. What you deserve is according to your actions while there is no end to desire for anything.

In the normal context, everyone desires nothing more than the welfare of his loved ones and that is the biggest strength that motivates him to go on further in life and achieving everything he aspires for.

For now, we will just look at everyday situation and not the life problems which anyway are endless to even discuss about and nobody has the time or energy to recall it again and again ad nauseam.

Garden Friend

The basic etiquettes that any person needs to have is that he should look neat and clean from the outside and be well mannered from the inside through his deeds, action and behavior.

As far as cleanliness is concerned, people desire to keep their houses clean and free from dirt, which includes the garden and lawn on the outside because it is also his private property.

But to do so he will need some garden friends at hand to help him out in the task and one of them is the weed eater or trimmer to handle the overgrown grass that becomes a menace after sometime.

The garden tools that are needed for this mission are way too many but the trimmer is the most important of all that also takes care of the ground cover that makes it more difficult to work on due to its roughness.


The history of the trimmer is relatively recent compared to other garden tools as it came into being in the early 1970s and it is George Ballas whom should go the credit for inventing it when one fine day he was watching the moving of the cleaning brush or wiper of the car.

Within a short time after that incident, he worked out the idea by gathering some fishing lines and attaching its pieces in a systematic way to a tin can which he later bolter to a lawn trimmer and started using it.

To his delight, he found that it worked perfectly and soon his invention spread like wildfire all around and people came from far and wide to try it out for themselves which led to his transition of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Name Calling

It is interesting to know that the string trimmer as it was initially called is now known my many other nicknames due to its durability factor since many years of its launch and we are going to highlight some of them which are as follows:

  • Weed Eater- It was coined so because of its successful cutting of bushy plants which it did with ease and it was so clean that even the roots were not visible and hence was given the term weed eater by its admirers
  • Weed Whacker- This is a relatively new term and while ‘whack’ refers to beating, still it could be because it dealt with weeds with a solid ‘iron hand’
  • Brush Cutter- Another well known moniker coined by its admirers simply because it could ‘brush’ off all the unwanted grass from the surroundings

Best of 2020

We are now going to list out some of the best string trimmer models of 2020 that have come out and have proven to be successful and they are as follows:

  • Gas Power Weed- It is made by Troy Hilt and can manage most daily chores in the garden as it has a 2 cycle premium with a 20cc engine which speaks volumes of its power
  • Greenworks String Trimmer- It is an electrical trimmer that has a reputed engine of 20cc alongwith a powerful motor to its credit
  • Corded Edger- It is a Toro product which has an excellent motor of 7 amp and has the capacity to change course from shaft to head

As of now, these are the best weed eater strings with more to come up as the year progresses on and if you want to try it out for yourselves, you can look it up online and go to the nearest store in your vicinity.

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