Using the Latest Marketing Tools EBay Has to Offer

Selling on eBay has become even easier. If you have an account, and use it, it’s time to take advantage of the latest marketing features they have available. I can tell you from experience that the tools work to increase your sales. All you have to do is tie it all together!

Utilize your Me Page

The Me Page is an original feature there. Historically, I believe it was created to let buyers and sellers know whom they were dealing  for  medicine via offline platforms,  but now they are practicing online with the help of medical web design services, Are you looking for medical practice web design services? Well in that case you can search online. More often than not, I click a seller’s ‘me’ only to find the same information that’s stated on their listing: terms of sale, other listings, and contact information. It’s time to take it to the next level and use it for what it was intended.

There are static templates available. However, buyers that click my Me Page find something different. I have music, a picture slideshow, and a template I created myself. To do this you need to learn some basic HTML. You also need to find a good editor for building your layout.

The editor and tools I use are located at ISDNtek, The editor is called WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get.” If you explore the editor you can find some pre-made Me Page templates and customize them.

Since I do my own, I build a border on their ‘online border maker’ and when I like what I see, I copy the code and place it in the editor. I fill in the template with some information about the name of the song I have playing, what the pictures in the slideshow are of, plus a little information to personalize it. For good measure, you can build buttons with links to your items for sale, My World, and eBay Blog; and add them to your template.

As far as the music and slideshow go, I use free web music and picture hosting services that create codes for me, I insert the codes into the template. The music is a little trickier than the slideshow. You must click the editor to ‘code view’ and insert the code there to get it to play right. Once you click back to ‘editor’ you should have music.

As soon as you have your page set up, copy the code from the ‘code view’ tab and place it in the ‘insert your own HTML’ section of your Me Page on eBay.

My World

My World is a newer feature. To access this page you click your user ID. Once there you can personalize it by adding content, changing the theme, or changing the layout.

The process is simple. The content page has several modules you can add to your world: Favorites, Blog, Listings, Bio, Reviews and Guides, and Guest Book. There are options to remove or edit them. You click ‘edit’ to add the modules you want to your page.

The theme allows you to change your My World colors, simple enough. You just click ‘change theme’ and the color choices pop up. Pick your favorite.

The layout page allows you to move your modules around.

Don’t forget your avatar. If you don’t choose one of the basic images or insert an image of your own, you’ll only be a red silhouette to others. The avatar is important for the Blog.


Another feature eBay has is a Blog. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another Blog!” Well, we are talking about networking here. What a way to promote yourself. Here you can let others know what you’ve got and share information on buying and selling.

Setting it up is easy. Just go to the community pages and hit ‘Blog.’ Lurk around a bit if you like. When you’re ready click ‘view your Blog’ to get started.

Once you’re there you should see your avatar, if you set up your My World like I told you to. Now you’re ready to customize. There are a few templates available for you to choose from. Or you can go back to ISDNtek and grab a template from the ‘eBay Blog styler.’ Again, I have mine customized to match my personal taste. I used the same techniques as above to customize it.

I hope that you can use some of this information to promote yourself and increase your sales. Remember it’s all about marketing what you’ve got.

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