Ultimate Defense 2 Strategy Guide

Note: September 19th, 2019:

I beat the game again. I am having more difficulty during the early levels though. My goal has been to get two fully trained ninjas as soon as possible. The trick to doing this is to keep them ACROSS from one another. If they kill an opponent, they BOTH get the EXP because they kill it at the same time. This means they level up quicker. PS – I am SO SICK of the slots because I NEVER WIN. I say SCRAP the lots. It’s a complete waste of time.

NOTE: September 18th, 2019 :

I have won three consecutive times with my tried and proven strategy. But, it appears that some changes MAY have been made to UD2. It seems more difficult now. Maybe I’m just trippin’! Look out for an updated strategy soon! And SHOTS OUT to the producers of this game. It is the best tower defense game to hit the market in a long fucking time!

NOTE: September 15th, 2019:

I DID IT! I finally beat Ultimate Defense 2 at AddictingGames. It has taken me almost two weeks of trying daily to finally conquer this complicated puzzle. My goal today is to share my winning strategy with anybody facing the difficulties that plagued me.

MONEY is essential to success in Ultimate Defense 2. If you reach level 3 or 4 and you have less than $1500, considering RESTARTING. You may not survive long.

Level 1

First, place 2 ARCHERS on the top left ledge. Across from the archers, place a MAGE on the first corner. This leaves us with a $50 leftover.

As the CREEPS start rolling out, immediately begin digging anywhere and everywhere. You need to stock up on POTIONS and TREASURE CHESTS. Potions for the later levels, and treasure chests for additional money.

If any creeps evade your archers and mage, zap their ass with some POISON. But no matter what, do not waste any money on producing more archers. It will be a waste of money. In case you run out of mana, let the creeps go. Losing a few HP will not hurt. Your goal is to SAVE MONEY.

You should have accumulated $250 by the early portion of round 2. Use this to purchase another mage. Place him on the bottom-left ledge, somewhere near the exit — not too close though. In case a creep evades your second mage, you may need time to cast a spell.

As you progress through the level, purchase additional mages as needed (preferably only one more). Do not forget to keep digging though. If you dig up enough potions, consider sparing one or two to zap creeps. With enough mana, you should be able to beat level 1 with only two mages and two archers, thereby saving much-needed funds.

Ideally, you want to complete level 1 at about $1400. It is tremendously difficult to do, but certainly possible. If you end the level with under a grand, then restart the game. But first, wait to play the slots. If you are fortunate, you may win $500 or more.

Level 2 – 7

For the next couple of rounds, your goal is to dig up more potions and treasure, build mages, and build NINJAS.

At the beginning of every level, place a 1 or 2 ninjas somewhere near the exit. Then use the remaining money to supply the entrance with an abundance of mages. In case you build 1 ninja, make certain to supply an additional ninja as soon as possible.

Until level 7, use 2 ninjas and 4-6 mages per level. Remember, mages must stay near the entrance. Their purpose is to weaken the creeps so that the ninjas kill them easily, and level up fast. Believe me, two fully leveled ninjas can do some serious damage.

Level 8 – 10

Use one DRAGON and 2 ninjas. Place the ninjas before the dragon. If any creeps pass your dragon, use either LIGHTENING or TRAP to zap their ass.

Level 11

Place two dragons across from one another. Remember, they will gain experience simultaneously. Once they are maxed out, they will be a force like no other.

Level 12

This level is kind of whack. You can’t place two dragons across from one another. So place one dragon on the top ledges, and then surround him with a shitload of ninjas. Feel free to spend all your money because IT’S OVERRRR MANNN, IT’S ALLLLL OVERRRR!  

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