Try a Mystery Tour For a Unique Vacation Experience

Need some new travel or vacation ideas. Try a Mystery Tour and get an unexpected surprise for a quick two day vacation that your unlikely to forget. A mystery tour is set up by many travel agencies and can be from one to several days in length. They usually involve some kind of hotel stay so the price can be a couple of hundred dollars but all the hassle and worry is the travel agencies, not yours.

A mystery tour is a great idea for a vacation or quick getaway and can be great fun. Travel agencies offer these as a new and different way to get away for a day or even a week long travel experience. The price will depend on how long the tour is and where you go. Some travel agencies off a two day or even a week long mystery tour. They involve some kind of stay at a hotel if they are more than one day but even the one day tours can be great fun.

Think of it, starting at your local pickup spot you are whisked away in an elegant coach bus just like those huge cross country Greyhound’s. Bathrooms and some times entertainment in the form of movies are a common fare on these first parts of the tour.

Some of the tours would not need to have you going very far but others like in the area I’m in, Minnesota, they often travel quite a distance to get to your destination. You would travel somewhere to an undisclosed location and do whatever the mystery tour was scheduled to do. The whole mystery part is you don’t know what your getting yourself into. It’s like a reisikohver müük that is full of mystery and untold excitement.

One I heard of was a trip to Minneapolis Minnesota where they first went to a play and then dinner at very nice restaurant. Then the hotel for a night of dancing or whatever it was you wished to do in the area, the night was yours. The next morning they whisked you off to an elegant brunch at another restaurant and then to a tour of a botanical garden. The entire cost was around three hundred dollars but was well worth it.

The tour was set up for Mother’s Day and was a great get away for my wife and her mother. They were told what clothes would be appropriate for the events of the tour and were told basically what the tour’s general theme was. An elegant dinner and an evening out would be about all you could guess at. The hint is in how you are told to dress. Formal or elegant would be a very nice restaurant but jeans or slacks would be a quite country inn or Bed and Breakfast. The whole fun is in the fact that you just don’t know where you would end up and what you would be doing for your tour.

The bus could take you to a number of large cities and you could end up at any number of fine restaurants, hotels and other entertainment that is fun. The agencies plan the trips and have all the details worked out for you. You don’t have to worry about reservations, vacancies or travel plans. The bus driver knows where he’s going but you don’t.

The bus ride on one trip played a movie on the small screens for each person or you could read or whatever on the trip. The dinner was aboard a train that was set up for an elegant five course dinner while the train traveled along the St. Croix River in Minnesota. Then the evening was capped off with a play in Minneapolis Minnesota. Then next morning after brunch the group set out to an Arboretum, a natural park showing off flowers, plants, trees and bushes. The Arboretum is part of the University of Minnesota’s Horticulture department and has a huge display of trees, bushes, plants and flowers both native and from around the world.

A mystery tour is a great and unique way to get away and have some unknown fun around your home town. The tour does not mean you will be staying in your town but you can be traveling many miles to get to the tour’s destination. The whole point of the mystery tour is yo will not know other than what kind of clothes to wear and how many nights you will be staying. The tour will tell you that much but they won’t tell you where they are going.

And if an emergency is a worry, don’t. The tour director will have a cell phone and you will get the number before they leave. So if anyone needs to get in touch with the group because of an emergency at home there is no worry.

Many of these tour’s have overnight stays but you don’t know if they will be staying at a Bed and Breakfast or some luxury hotel in a large city. The meals, and that is a large part of the tour’s, are all at very good restaurants and are able to accommodate the groups easily. The entire tour is a mix of different interests and ideas that center on fun and entertainment.

A mystery tour is a fun way to enjoy a quick getaway or a longer one may be available in your area. Check out local travel agencies to find one that offers these unique get a way’s that can be so much fun. Travel agencies will often know which ones have mystery tours and can often point you in the right direction. Or you can check out the Internet for Mystery tours. Try “mystery tour” and your larger city such as “Fargo” for a start to search for a local mystery tour for you to enjoy.

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