Top Factors That Influence The Quality Of Briquettes!!!

Briquettes are popular sustainable fuels manufactured using biomass materials like wood shavings, sawdust, rice husks, straws, abandoned furniture, wasted border, etc. Most of you already know that biomass briquette are available in different shapes and sizes depending upon the biomass briquettes presses and the capacity of the combustion chamber. 

With its beneficial properties, people often consider replacing energy that comes from consuming fossil fuels from industries and households because they are environment-friendly, green, convenient to handle, and sustainable. Although people are concerned about the burning effect offered by briquettes as they use them for various purposes. So, let us discuss the factors that influence the quality of briquettes. 

  • Moisture Content 

Moisture content is the main factor that determines the quality of your feedstock and its properties. To produce the best briquettes, you need to keep the moisture content between 10-18%. And why? Because the moisture content is above 18% and less than 10%, it means the briquette is not ready, and it will tend to break down into pieces more often. 

So, it is better to maintain ideal moisture to maintain their quality. There are many companies manufacturing briquettes, and one of them is leilibrikett which has produced top-quality briquettes for many years. 

  • Machine Pressure

Another factor responsible for the strength of the briquette is compacting pressure. The manufacturer increases the compacting pressure, which further reduces the humidity between the feedstock, resulting in improved durability of briquettes. 

  • Pressing Temperatures 

You should know that pressing temperature influences the strength and quality of the briquette significantly. The pressing temperature shapes the ligin, which further works as a natural binder to adjoin various fibers to form a solid briquette. 

With optimal pressuring, briquettes achieve their highest strength at the corners. However, when the temperature is low, it reduces their strength and burning time. That’s why keeping a high temperature is necessary. 

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