Top Disney Pixar Movies

Many, many people love the Pixar movies not only for “kid watching” – these are movies that appeal to practically any audience. Given the fact that each of the movies (in my opinion) is top-knotch, it was not possible for me alone to formulate a list of what would be the Top Disney Pixar movies! However, there are movies that are more “top” than others in terms of general popularity. These are the most popular Disney Performing Arts workshops that are quite interactive among movie enthusiasts. Below is the list of most popular Disney Pixar movies that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

  1. Disney Pixar Up – Here is a fun movie, both for kids and adults. The theme itself is quite humorous, with a retired balloon man who decides to go against the rules he’s being forced to follow and take the ride of his life.
  2. Disney Pixar Toy Story – Yes, this movie still “tops the charts” of some of the hottest selling Pixar movies available. Very cute story – and always good for a laugh whether you’re a child or one of us “grownups”.
  3. Disney Pixar Toy Story 2 – The sequel to the first story, not lacking in a unique theme whatsoever. The same characters are found in this movie – plus a few more added to the “Andy’s toys” group.
  4. Disney Pixar Monsters Inc – As a personal note, I have found that the story in this movie can be a little bit too spooky for very little children, but for those kids who are around 5 and older it’s probably fine. Two worlds (the “real” world and a world with some very benign monsters) merge into one through a magic portal in the bedroom closet.
  5. Disney Pixar Finding Nemo – In my personal opinion, there may be no more delightful movie than this one. Not only is the theme quite familiar to kids and us parents, but the graphics are absolutely astounding. Very cute story – with a lot of laughs in store!
  6. Disney Pixar Cars – This movie may appeal more to young lads than young ladies, but is probably enjoyable for anyone to watch. The movie has some hysterical moments like no other I’ve seen – especially with “Mater” the tow truck. Great music in this movie as well.
  7. Disney Pixar Wall-E – Now here we also have a familiar theme that is starting to hit pretty close to home. Part of this movie involves a “What if…” thought about the environment on our planet and what might occur if it is not taken care of. Wall-E is also a funny and very cute love story about two robots.
  8. Disney Pixar Ratatouille – One of the things that I like most about Pixar is their ability to create completely unique stories like no others around. This is also the case with Ratatouille – featuring a rat who lives in Paris and not only has an appetite for the finest food, he has some above average cooking skills as well!
  9. Disney Pixar The Incredibles – A family of superheroes hiding amongst us “normal folks”. This is an incredibly amusing story – and perhaps especially for adults! Always a fun movie to watch.
  10. Disney Pixar Short Films Collection – Here is a collection of 13 of the funniest and thought provoking short films ever. Films such as “Mater and the Ghostlight” (featuring characters from the Disney Cars movie) and “Jack Jack Attack” (featuring the baby and the babysitter from The Incredibles) are enough to have your stomach hurting from laughing too hard! A great pick any day.

There are the Top Disney Pixar movies as of early 2010 in terms of general popularity and sales – many people agree that they are some of the best movies ever! More movies are scheduled to be coming out in the Pixar lineup over the next couple of years and I for one am looking forward to seeing them!

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