Top 7 RC Planes for Beginners In 2020

RC planes are really fun to use and are taken really seriously by people that are into it. This is why as you develop your passion for RC planes, you need to make sure that you get a good start and experience at the initial phase. For that, you start with check out Heads Up Hobby for some of the best deals on RC planes. Moreover, in this article, we will be going through some of the best RC planes that are available in the market along with their pros and cons.

1. Apprentice s15e

Starting with a plane that is really good for beginners that is Apprentice s15e. With its advanced technology that allows you to make smooth turns and keeping the plane under control, you get an excellent plane that you can use for learning purposes.

Since it is really easy for new pilots to panic as they fly or land the plane, keeping in mind all this, there is a panic switch that they can use so that the plane can automatically stabilize itself and avoid any damage.
Although the plane is meant for beginners, professional RC plane pilots also like this plane because of its ability to do well in windy conditions as well. Additionally, you also get all the necessary parts making it really easy for beginners to assemble the plane on their own.

On the downside, this RC plane is really expensive. Its price makes it difficult for beginners to invest in this plane.

2. Super Cub S RTF

Super Cub S RTF is a plane made from Z foam making this plane more durable than some other planes that are there in the market. You get three flight modes in this plane making it really suitable for different conditions.

You also get advance SAFETM technology and a panic button with this plane making it more convenient for learners. Moreover, with its versatile transmitter that can be used with other planes as well, you can possibly save some bucks on your new plane.

The only negative aspect of this plane is its speed.  On comparing it with other planes in its category you will find Super Cub S RTF to be a little slow.

3. HobbyZone Delta Ray

A huge wind span and a landing gear make HobbyZone Delta Ray a really good option for people that love gliders. The plane is made up of Z foam, making its maintenance much easier and affordable.

With this high-tech plane, you also get 3 different flight modes that you can choose according to your skills and the SAFETM technology allow beginners to gain more control over the plane.

There is no panic button with this plane which is why you may need professional supervision as you are flying this plane. Moreover, the battery life on this plane is not as good as some other variants.

4. Super Cub LP RTF

A traditional and simple design makes this plane a perfect choice for beginners as you get a plane that is really easy to control. What makes this plane perfect for beginners is the affordability and availability of its parts. All the parts that are there on the plane can be replaced really easily.

The plane also works well in windy conditions. As no assembly is required, beginners can fly this plane as soon as they get it.

5. GWS Slow Stick

Another really great plane for beginners. With GWS Slow stick you get a plane that beginners can easily control. Since the parts are cheap, there is no need for you to worry about crashes as you learn flying this plane.

Since the plane flies a little slow, this makes the control of this plane easier. Although, the plane did very in mild winds as well.

While there are some issues with this plane such as difficult assembly, any beginner would not be able to assemble this plane on their own. Moreover, the user manual that you get with this plane is not that helpful.

6. Flyzone Sensei

Flyzone sensei is a plane for pilots that are now capable of flying an RC plane om their own and are ready to learn more ariel tricks. This amazing plane is capable of doing loops and rolls easily.

The landing part of the plane is also much easier as you get a landing gear with three wheels. Since the maintenance and repair of this plane are also easy because of the high-quality foam that is used in its construction.

However, it can be a little difficult for beginners to remove this plane’s cowl and do the repair.

7. ParkZone Radian PNP

A plane with big wingspan making it easier to control this plane. ParkZone Radian PNP is a really good RC plane that is really stable and is really easy to fly. You also get easy repairs and maintenance of this plane.

Since the plane is made up of styrofoam it often breaks after crashes. However, the parts are really cheap and you can easily repair this plane on your own.

These are some of the best RC planes that are there in the market for beginners. You get easy flight control and repairs making it really easy for you to learn flying an RC plane easily.

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