Top 7 Idle games for 2020

The Idle genre is fast catching up among the modern gamers today. Players have loved its simple mechanics and auto play mode which have made gaming more convenient and fun. Are you too a fan of idle games? That’s great- and with the new year coming up you must be curious to know more about the top idle games to enjoy in the coming months. Well, much to your pleasure, here is a curated roster on the best idle games to play in 2020.

Hacking Hero

Hacking Hero is fun, cool and also a breeze to play. The theme of the game is to take the role of a hacker who (along with other hackers) is on the mission to beat computer viruses. So, the hacker hero of the game is not really a bad guy. Rather, he is more of a white-hat hacker who is looking to save the internet from unwanted virus attacks. You will make money by beating the viruses which will enable you to buy upgrades as well as hire other hackers. More hackers you can hire, better would be your chances to level up in the game and defeat tougher enemies. Gamers have loved the amazing characters and great graphics of the game.

AFK Arena

Launched by Lilith Games, AFK Arena is a great casual action RPG card game that can be played with players worldwide. The game is themed around a fictitious realm called “Esperia” where residents are threatened by an ancient demon. Players here have to build customized squad of heroes as well as level them up with unique awards. You will find 4 main levels here- PvE, Labyrinth, PvP and Two Guild Bosses. The good thing is there are expert guides online on Best Heroes for PvP and PvE and other levels to help the players. AFK is available for both Android and iOS players.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

As the name says, this game is set in the backdrop of a theme park. A favorite of the gamers, Theme Park Tycoon comes with several upgrades which enables players to build highly profitable theme parks. You will get a wealthy of options in regards to fun rides and it’s an awesome game to play with your kids. Besides, the game enables you to purchase better and larger islands for building a large number of theme parks. The game is available for both Android and iOS players.

Idle Heroes

This is another high-profile multiplayer idle game that will enable you to play with players from all over the world. Gamers here will have to create a team of Heroes whom they will have to empower and improve continuously with new gears and items. Akin to a true idle game, Idle Heroes support auto fight. Your heroes in the game will automatically fight for you and bring you rewards. The coolest part is and you need not be manually playing the game all the time. Idle Heroes comprises 200+ heroes in several factions and each carries his/her unique skills. Besides, as it’s a globally-based game, players here have the opportunity to join a worldwide Arena and Guild. Both iOS and Android players can play Idle Heroes on their mobile phones.

Art Inc.

If you are more on the artsy side, this game is sure to impress you. An exclusive mix of both idle-ness & non-idle-ness, Art Inc. is truly one-of-a-kind. Players here have to don the role of an art gallery owner who displays paintings from all across the world in the gallery. Now, all these artistic exhibits offer passive income for the gallery owner but that’s not all. Your challenge is to source more artworks through bidding. More you win, better would be your income.

Idle Evil Cracker

The game takes you to the core of Hell (not literally) where you will need to create your “hell hole”. Don’t go by the name, it’s basically a fun, cool and lighthearted game which you are sure to enjoy. Your task here is to torture evil souls who are brought to Hell for their misdeeds on earth. More evil souls you can crack, better would be your chances to upgrade yourself in the game.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Let’s wind up with the dream of becoming a billionaire in the coming year!

Bitcoin is certainly the buzzword in the contemporary fiscal scene and this game offers you a great opportunity to be a crypto billionaire in no time (in game though). The game is a true idle clicker number. As a player, you will only need to tap on your mobile screen. More a player taps, better are his chances of reaching to the billionaire level. The game is simple to play, looks very pretty on screen and a fantastic one especially for the new gamers in the Idle zone.

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