Tips on Renting a Car for your Marco Island Getaway

If you’re looking for things to do near Marco Island, transportation is a factor you mustn’t skip to know about. You don’t want to have a hard time going in and around the place just because you don’t have a car. After all, you can’t bring your own car along from home to Marco Island, can you? That’s why it’s wise to find a car renting service for a personal transport throughout your stay.


Here’s how to rent a Car in Marco Island for your Vacation

It’s quite difficult to find a personal transport service for your Marco Island vacation. Primarily because there are dozens of them available in the area. And you want to find the best with most reasonable price rates. But before jumping on an option with the lowest cost, be sure to consider other valuable factors first.

1. Type of Service

Personal transport options in Marco Island come in different service type. For example, some offer airport shuttle services, wherein you’d be fetch by a bus on the RSW airport, and then you’d be directly brought to your preferred accommodation. Taxies and ridesharing services are available too, which are perfect if you’re comfortable using Grab, Uber and the likes. 

Moreover, Marco Island has several car rentals. Rent a car with or without a driver accompanying you. So, if you don’t know how to drive, that’s certainly not a problem in a Marco Island vacation. Either which, you’d get a car of your choice for an agreed period.

2.  Vehicle Type

After considering the type of service you want, decide the type of vehicle too. Shuttles are great if you want a comfortable bus ride. But if you wish for a specific car, rentals are the best option you have. Choose from different cars such as vans, limousines, SUV and even sports car among other types.

Yes, you’re preferences is important in choosing a car. However, think of your needs as well. If you plan to travel in group, for example, go for large vehicles which can carry more than a dozen people. Such vehicles, however, are quite impractical if you only travel alone or in a pair.

3. Find a Transport Service

After considering your ideal service and vehicle type, find a transport service which offer those. Again, don’t merely go for the price. Instead, Google for the best transport services available in Marco Island. Then, check which has the highest rates of positive reviews.

However, don’t merely focus on marks and stars on reviews. Be sure to read them carefully since they reflect personal experience of customers. After finding a good option, check their official site for more info.

Be sure they post enough details about their company, their deals and the vehicles they offer. Inquire if you have question. But if you still have doubts, consider another choice instead.

4. Book for a Service

Finally, book for your ideal transport service. Be sure to do it few weeks prior your arrival to make sure everything is set. You don’t wish to arrive at the airport, only to see no vehicle is waiting. Booking early may also lead you to great discounts and deals.

After considering these notes, that’s when you should begin thinking of price rates. Find one with affordable deals, without compromising service quality. That’s how you’d enjoy a good transport service throughout your Marco Island escapade.


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