Tips in Efficiently Removing Carpet Indentations

If you’ve ever moved out of or into a new place that’s been occupied before you, then you’ve seen carpet indentations. Carpet indentations are caused from furniture or other heavy objects that are left on top of carpet for a long period of time. They require a different approach other than using a trusty equipment you’ve spotted on a portable carpet cleaner review. So how do you remove carpet indentations? In this article, I’ll explain how to remove carpet indentations and how to prevent them from happening again.

Removing carpet indentations is a fairly easy task that nearly anyone can do; it just takes a little elbow grease. Here are some of the more tried and true methods for removing carpet indentations.

Ice Cubes seem to be the most common method of removing smaller carpet indentations that have been caused by chairs and sofas. Simply place one or two ice cubes onto each carpet indentation and allow it to melt. Crush the ice in a towel or dishrag for uneven indentations. The crushed ice can be spread easier than a few cubes can.

Once the ice has melted, (usually in a few hours) use a stiff bristled brush to coax the carpet up. The water that is trapped in the carpet fibers tends to make it easier to manipulate and shape them back into their original shape. Once you’re satisfied with the look, use a dry towel or washcloth to soak up the water. Brush it one more time and it should be perked up back to normal. If not a good vacuuming works well, but only if the carpet has dried well.

Steam is also effective against carpet indentations that are medium sized and larger. Since steam tends to spread out more than a few well placed ice cubes, it can make your carpet very wet. Have a wet/dry vacuum handy. A simple towel just won’t do it. A handheld garment steamer or garment steam setting on an iron works well for smaller spots. Just spray with hot steam and use a metal pet brush to coax up the carpet fibers. Let this stay on for about ten minutes, all the while still brushing it, then vacuum up the water with a wet/dry vacuum.

Using a larger steam carpet cleaner is probably on of the best and most efficient methods of removing large carpet indentations. Because the vacuum sucks up water as it goes along it helps to pull up the matted down carpet.

Carpet rakes can really help with stubborn carpet indentations. Combined with a steam cleaner, you can quickly and effectively remove any carpet indentation. And it also helps to prevent future carpet indentations. With regular raking every six months or less, you can prevent carpet indentations from occurring in the future.

A carpet rake looks similar to a metal pet brush but is much wider with many more bristles and attached to a pole. Rake the carpet after vacuuming for a fresh looking carpet.

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