Tips for Relieving Backpain and muscle ache! Have a look

A backache is a common problem faced by many. But, it is easy to get relief from backaches. Three simple exercises are suggested here, which goes a long way in getting relief from backaches.

Normally, backaches are caused by stressed or weak muscles or tightening of joints. It is always easy to get relief from Backaches.

One of the processes of prevention is to take care of weak muscle, tight muscle, movement of joints and the pelvic balance because; these are the main causes of backache. As said earlier, it is not difficult to get the relief from backaches; but the only fact is that it takes quite a long time to get the relief. But the best approach is to prevent the backache. Prevention is always better than cure.

The process of prevention should start much earlier, that is much before the symptoms of backache.

Following three methods are suggested to manage the backache. These methods will be helpful in prevention of backaches to those who do not have backache. At the same time, even those who have backache will get relief by these procedures.

Stretch your Lower Back: If there is pain in the lower back, do this stretching exercise. Lie on your back and slowly and gently bring one of the knees to the chest. Hold in this position till you feel l tightness in the lower back. Now, hold in the same position for about six seconds. Slowly drop the leg down. Take one or two long breaths and repeat the exercise to the other leg also.

To ease the movement of joints: Tightening of muscle is one the reason for backache. There is a simple exercise to ease the movement of muscles which creates some issue over the lower back that may cause surgery emergencies which is painful to some patients; that why if anyone has muscle ache which is chronic than its good to avoid the unwanted movement. That is, stand up; keep the leg about three feet apart. Stretch the arms slowly twist on one direction as far as you can. Then twist from the other side. Now, repeat the exercise for about 1 -2 minutes. Do this slowly and gently.

Move it: Another very easy way to get relief from the backache is to be active. Going for a walk or doing some work involving physical movements or exercise will ensure supply of blood to the tissues which have become tight. This relaxes the muscle and one finds lot of reduction in the pain.

As said earlier, if there is backache, it is easy to reduce the pain, if the four factors which are responsible for casing back pain are set in proper order. The four factors are tight muscles, weak muscles, joint movement and pelvic balance. Relief one gets from following the above procedure would actually equate to removing the back ache.

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