The Home Business Scams: All Recruiting – No Selling

Any business telling you that you don’t have to sell something to make money is an outright scam. Okay, maybe that isn’t completely true. Many home business opportunities confuse the word selling and marketing. Marketing is what you do when you draw people to your website or to look at your catalogue. Selling is the act of your customer making a purchase. With websites, selling could be done for you. What most people don’t like to think about is being on the phone and having to cold call and sell products or whatever it is you are letting go. However, when something says no selling, what they really mean is you don’t have to sell products. You will, most likely, have to market the business, and on top of that, you’ll spend more time trying to convince other poor souls into buying into the business, rather than spend any amount on any product that might be available. Many businesses skip the product part completely.

But to imagine that you don’t have to “sell” anything at all in order to make money is hogwash. If you are in the business NOT to make money, that’s one thing. Businesses need to make money to survive. You need money; else you wouldn’t have signed up for a business in the first place. How can any business make money if they don’t sell anything? The tricks to these words are simple. You recruit others into the business the same way you were recruited. The cycle continues as you make money on who they recruit, etc. However the latest scam is working. Really, all those businesses are the same.

Legit businesses are different. They have products. Avon is a perfect example. You pay a small fee, and you get a kit. You sell the products, you can send out catalogues. Yes, you might get a little incentive to recruit others, but only if they bother to sell anything will it be worth it. So in a way, it’s all focused on product selling, not recruiting. That makes a difference between a legit business and one of those scams you find on the Internet. Real business make money by selling something. They don’t make money by reselling the business. That’s just the facts.

Can’t tell the difference in a real and scam business? That’s pretty easy by knowing the basics of construction recruitment which lets the person have an idea about the interview criteria for the companies; that helps an individual to have better understanding of the jobs. On the first page, what does the business suggest? Does it have a product page at all? Can you tell what the company is selling before you sign up? If you sign up with a company and have no idea what they sell until you sign up, you’re being very foolish. Can you get in touch with the people you are dealing with? Why on earth would you give your money to some stranger you don’t know for something you don’t really understand.

The hype on the Internet for home businesses is amazing. Everyone suddenly wants to use it to become a billionaire and work from home. Yet there are thousands every day losing more money on ‘Internet businesses’ than they are making money. Do your research first. If you can’t be bothered with it, then you should keep your money and get back to work.

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