The Best Time To Take Protein – Learn About The Best Time

Body Building Info-You can use a protein shake at any time of the day, when it is not possible to make a high-protein meal. It is much better to have a protein shake to not eat a protein-rich meal. But in addition to meal replacements there are two critical moments when it is ideal to consume a protein shake: first thing in the morning when you get up and just after weight training. Now the body is exhausted and the consumption of a source of protein for rapid absorption, such as a protein shake, can really help to keep your body into an anabolic state that helps muscle growth.

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As we have seen before, the protein is considered is the Queen for the muscle formation. However, many rookies discuss the mistake of neglecting the carbohydrates in their diet. If you want to optimize your muscle gains (and fat loss), it is very important to include the types and adequate amounts of carbohydrates in your diet.

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Complex carbohydrates should provide a significant amount in calorie consumption, since they constitute the muscle glycogen, fuel long-lasting that the body needs to make good training without losing muscle. These carbohydrates are slow oxidation, which means that they provide energy more and help with the constant maintenance of blood sugar levels in the blood, which reduces the storage of fat, muscle fatigue and promote the insulin release slow – natural anabolic hormone of the vital body muscular development.

After training, the blood sugar levels fall significantly. The ingestion of carbohydrates at this time is crucial and gives a peak of insulin, which makes the body being in an anabolic and anti-catabolic state. For this reason post-workout supplements are so important when the goal is muscle development. Eat small amounts of carbohydrates during the day also is important, since they maintain constant flow of insulin, even during the day. High-fiber carbohydrates help with muscle building, since they help to fast and efficient absorption of amino acids in muscle tissue. Carbohydrates also help transport protein nutrients to the muscle cells.

In short, the carbohydrates are very important for muscle development and must not neglect them ever. If you are concerned about excess fat, no doubt control the intake of carbohydrates in general is vital (keep portion control) and avoid them after 19 hours.

Fortunately there are a wide variety of foods rich in carbohydrates slow assimilation with ease and if you wish it is not necessary to supplement your diet. These are they who have the index IG Low glycaemic. In Google, you can find hundreds of Web sites tables with the glycemic index of each food, fruit, vegetables and cereals.

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Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are nutrients that your body needs to work properly. Essential fatty acids help in muscle growth since among other functions improve testosterone levels. These fats are needed by bodybuilders to rebuild muscle tissue and protect joints while exercising. In addition, essential fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential fatty acids are absolutely essential for building muscle and increasing the endurance required for bodybuilding and fitness. These are the building blocks to produce other fatty acids required by the body for muscle growth. Essential fatty acids play a key role in the cardiovascular, digestive and reproductive functions regulation, inflammation and regeneration, the functioning of the brain, and the body heat and even the burning of calories.

Essential fatty acids are formed by two different families: omega 3 and omega 6. The body cannot manufacture them and they should be obtained in the diet. Our body needs a precise amount of each. In general, the typical diet contains too much omega 6 omega-3 levels are insufficient.

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