Tea And Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction?

Tea is a must, especially when it comes to losing weight. I recommend peppermint, and in particular ‘moroccan mint’ tea, which is made by the ‘stash’ company (their website is: www.stashtea.com ), they also have a peppermint tea called ‘merrymint’. The ‘moroccan mint’ tea has peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass, and green tea; while the ‘merrymint’ tea has peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass, green tea, gingerroot, and wintergreen oil.

For those that wish to undertake a fast (and it’s best to consult your M.D. or N.D. first) there is a tea by the ‘Yogi’ tea company specifically made for fasting, and is called ‘fasting’ tea. It is a blend of herbs that assist the body in eliminating toxins, while at the same time helping to keep a healthy balance within your body. This particular tea has a pleasant taste – unlike some ‘diet’ formulas. The website for this company is: www.yogitea.com

In case one is concerned about blood sugar levels while trying to lose weight, there is a tea made by ‘triple leaf’ tea company, called ‘sugar balance  amp; women’s tonic tea’. This herbal blend has: Dong quai, astragalus, dandelion, licorice, ginseng, and red clover. Triple Leaf tea also offers an herbal blend that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure function, which is recommended in combination with Triple Leaf’s green teas for additional support. To find out more information, visit their website at: www.tripleleaf-tea.com

Celestial Seasonings is another tea company that has many herbal blends to choose from, including their ‘wellness’ line. I enjoy their ‘zinger’ varieties – they are very uplifting. They offer teas specificaly for weight loss – including detox teas, and ‘diet partner’ teas. One of the ingredients in their ‘A.M. Detox’ tea is ‘milk thistle’ which has been touted to support the production and regeneration of liver cells.

Another tea manufacturer offering weight loss enhancing blends, is a company called ‘Laci Le Beau’. The following is the diet teas they have available for purchase (and each one comes with a menu and exercise plan – especially since no weight loss program can work without all of these important bases

being covered): Cinnamon spice, Lemon mint, Cranberry twist, apricot, peppermint, Tropical fruit (which is a blend of exotic flowers, herbs, and fruit), and All natural botanicals (which is a blend of flavorful and aromatic plants). Laci Le Beau also has three of the above available in ‘maximum strength super dieter’s tea’ – Cinnamon spice, lemon mint, and all natural botanicals. Their website address is: www.lacilebeau.com. The selection of the best hip dips workouts that target that special hip area to reduce the weight from the body. The diet plan of the person should be good with the taking of the injection.

Tazo tea has a wonderful ‘Lemon ginger’ blend which tastes great on the one hand, and on the other hand, helps with any stomach upsets thanks to the addition of ginger. They also have several other blends to choose from – and the flavors are to-die-for. You can select bagged teas, or ready-made teas available in a bottle. Tazo tea (as with many of the brands mentioned here) is available in most grocery stores, and the Tazo brand can also be found at Starbucks coffee stores. To visit their website, go to: www.tazo.com

Last but not least, ‘Traditional medicinals’ tea company has an abundance of health-promoting blends among their line-up, including weight loss aids such as their ‘weightless’ tea – and also their ‘weightless cranberry’ tea.

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