Snub Dogs- Health Issues Faced By The Mutts

Health is the most important asset for every living being whether it is humans or animals and both need to be in sound health in order to sustain their life on the face of the earth.

Amongst the two, it is human beings that call the shots as it is dominated by them and they alone are allowed to dictate the rules and regulations here whereas the animals are destined to obey them without a second thought, which is quite natural in the sense that their erstwhile masters have the power of speech while they don’t.

Nevertheless, we were talking about health and how it is important to both of them but as a subject matter, we will limit it to the most loyal animal ever in existence. To make it easier to understand, we are focusing on a particular breed, which are the snub dogs.

Breed Culture

Everyone is aware that dogs are of varied breeds and it is this culture that differentiates one from the other but snub dogs arouse more curiosity as they are quite interesting and intriguing at the same time.

They are smaller in size compared to say a Labrador or a German shepherd and their facial structures also vary from their much larger counterparts. They have short, droopy face akin to cartoon character Droopy that is full of wrinkles while the nose is in muzzled format.

At first glance, it will give you an impression that the pup has been wrapped with a small bag around its face while the tail is quite curled and in a slanting position compared to other dogs.

This particular breed has a glossed coating for skin and that too in various colors right from black to light brown to fawn while the entire body is square shaped with strong muscles, as though it is lifting dumbbells each day.

Pitiable State

The facial structure of snub dogs will surely make you feel that they are to be pitied but that is not the case as while commuters may purchase them as pets by looking at their miserable expression out of pity, but they take good care of them at home and treat them akin to a family member.

However, there is a sad story about this breed in that they are vulnerable to diseases and ailments at a higher rate compared to others and take ill even after an ordinary bout of cold.

This pitiable state is something that needs to be discussed as to why it is so and why this breed is singled out among others when it comes to illnesses, when diseases never even spare healthy people.

A recent survey conducted by the American Kennel Club came to the conclusion that bull dogs have a bad habit of sniffing and eating anything that they come across on the ground below, mistaking it for dog treats.

They opine that French bulldogs are quite popular in the US and come in fourth position after Labrador, shepherds and golden retrievers and have broader and shorter skulls.

When there is a sudden change in season, they get a headache and start coughing and sneezing while the sound of vehicles make things worse as they are unable to tolerate so much noise pollution in the vicinity.


Flat-faced or short-nosed dogs, like Pugs have similar health deficiencies as they fall under the same category but as they are even smaller in size, they need extra care and treatment so as to make things better for them.

An interesting point of note is that pugs have a photogenic face and some medical issues that they face are due to the following conditions:

  • Excessive heat plays spoilsport as pugs have a short snout and are at a greater risk in a hot climate where they become breathless and start panting after a short walk
  • Their nostrils are quite narrow which means that they don’t have a great flow of oxygen and so when they snore it sounds more like a wheezing and choking, which is why they need to be checked by veterinarians at regular intervals
  • They are prone to eye and skin problems due to a limited vision and their skin starts to develop rashes due to excessive wrinkles on the face

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