Slow News Day? “Leave Britney Alone!”

Honestly, I am no Britney Spears fan, but geez, we all gotta give her a break. This lady is not the sharpest tool the shed, and it is readily apparent that her parenting skills are lacking, that is no question. Driving abilities? Let’s just say I am happy to not be sharing the road with her down in Southern Cal. All I am saying is that with the scrutiny she is under, I am sure most of us would fail the test.

Today it is front page “headline” news that she ran a red light while driving in Hollywood. Sheesh. Ok, that is bad driving, but come on, who out there hasn’t accidentally done this at last once in their life. Yes, it is terrible that her kids were in the car and that she might have caused an injury-ridden accident, but isn’t that true of when anyone runs a red light or stop sign?

I went and looked at the video, and yes, she did in fact consciously push through that light. Did you happen to notice photogs gathered around her car in the middle of traffic with flashes constantly firing? Literally in front of her car and right in the traffic. In the very same tape, you can hear her honking at these pap’s to get out of the way. I would venture to say that all that activity was a bit distracting for safe driving habits, perhaps? Seems a bit hypocritical to be pointing the finger of scorn so vehemently when such actions are considered just part of the job for those that are pushing this very report.

Again, I am no fan of the lady, definitely no Chris Cocker with a tearful rant about leaving her alone. Really I just get more exasperated over lame news being featured on a global news network.

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