Simple yet Essential Tips to Avoid Accidents in your Home

Mishaps happen without any warning, and they often pose risks at home to anyone in the family. But these accidents are avoidable with proper prevention steps. All you need are anti pince-doigts, non-slip rugs and bathroom grab bars among other safety devices. Then, know proper steps to keep mishaps away from adults, kids and pets.

How to Keep Accidents away from your Family at Home

  1. Begin with your door, and install guards on its hinge area. Anti-pinch guards prevent accidents caused by fingers being trapped at such side of the door. Such mishaps may cause pinching which leads to injuries, psychological trauma or even finger amputation.
  2. Keep area rugs in place with the use of non-slip padding. Another common home accident is when people slip upon stepping on floor rugs, which leads to minor to major injuries. It even causes death in some instances, especially when a person acquire serious head trauma after slipping.
  3. Another area where slipping commonly takes place is the bathroom. Slipping in the bathroom commonly involves people with movement problems, such as those with physical impediments and elderlies. Install grab bars in the bathroom to reduce such risk by giving these people enough support.
  4. Be sure to improve safety at the stairs as well. Its railings should run throughout its entire length, and it’s best to have rough or non-slip handle. For example, consider applying sand to the railings paint. Rugs must be kept in place to avoid slip and fall as well, or better yet avoid keeping rugs anywhere throughout the stairs.
  5. Pay attention to all flammable and hot objects in your home, and be sure kids cannot reach them. Think of matches, stove, lighters and even simple water heaters. Be careful when you put a cup of hot drink on the table too, especially on runs or table cloths.
  6. Aside from hot and flammable objects, be sure to keep other hazardous items in proper storage and away from kids. This includes sharp items such as scissors and knives, as well as glass objects. Be cautious of household chemicals too, especially strong cleaners, insecticides and hardware fluids.
  7. All electronic appliances and gadgets must be used with caution too. They must be turned off and unplugged when not in use. Many people leave chargers on the socket after removing their mobile devices—don’t commit such mistake. Needless to say, keep electronics away from water at all times.
  8. Keep all tools and power equipment in proper storage. This includes hammers, screws, nails, saws and hardware machines among other equipment. Tool boxes must have secured locks, so kids can’t easily open them.
  9. Storing is repeatedly mentioned in this list of tips, but be sure to properly arrange storage areas in your home as well. You don’t wish a heavy box suddenly falling after you open a cabinet, or tripping on a box while in the basement. Arrange them while keeping falling, bumping and tripping prevention in mind.
  10. Lastly, let more lights cover your entire home, and avoid leaving dark or dim areas. This is to avoid accidents happen because of poor visibility. Consider using LED bulbs for brighter lighting. Install them all over your home, including the garage, basement and attic, as well as home exterior among other points.

With these tips in mind, it’s certainly possible to keep your family safe. And that’s by keeping mishaps away from the comforts of your home.

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