Shopping For Plus Size Swimwear

Plus size women have it better now than ever before. Most apparel designers have begun making lines of clothing with only plus-sized women in mind. On top of that, when you purchase clothing online you can give your measurements and get the exact size you need (and it’s accurate, too). Since finding clothes has become less of a hassle, it is more important to pick the right clothing instead of getting the first thing that fits you. This is not only true for clothing, but also for swimsuits. This is why you have the option of checking out one piece swimwear online that you can try. Moreover, you also have the option of trying them all out so that you can find the very best swimwear for yourself. While choosing the swimwear you should make sure that you consider the following factors into consideration.


For what seems like the longest time, plus size women were forced to wear swimsuits that were much too small. With so many changes now, that is no longer a problem. The right size is obviously an important attribute to the perfect swimsuit, but not the deal-breaker. Perhaps more important, a woman needs a swimsuit with the right amount of support. Underwire swimwear does this fantastically since they are made for the sole purpose of giving comfort and support. Proper support is needed for any woman to keep from excessive bounce and damage.

Lookin’ Good

Everyone in a swimsuit wants to look the best they can in it. Swimsuits are designed to make the wearer look good in them. When picking out the right suit, use colors you would choose with everyday clothing. Remember that some patterns and colors can make plus size women look larger (curse those horizontal stripes), and some will actually make you look smaller. Be careful of thin fabrics, since they like to stick in the wrong place.


We both knew it was coming, so let’s talk about sizing. Most online sites have a measurement table so that you can see what size of a certain suit would fit you best. However, sometimes you’ll have to pick and choose with the dressing room. Remember, never get the wrong size just because it was the last one of that kind and it looks so good. Despite how good it may look, it could make you feel uncomfortable down the road. Always try your swimsuit on before paying for it, to see if any parts are exposed in the wrong places and to see if you like the way it fits. Also, flexible swimwear fabric is very beneficial when it comes to the right suit. It keeps it from riding up and will fit your form better.


If you’re looking at plus size swimsuits because you’re pregnant, you’re in for luck here. During your pregnancy, your lower body will grow while some areas stay the same. This is a good reason as to why you don’t see women 9 months pregnant in a normal one piece. The best advice to give is to go ahead and try the two pieces! If a bikini is pushing it for you, try a tankini, which hides a little more and could mean the whole suit.

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