See Which Is The Best Celebrity Hair Style For Your Summer Look

During summertime, you want a look that is easy to maintain, cool for the hot weather, and yet a look that is fashionable. Get it from a reliable ladies or man hair cutting  salon and you’re off towards a great summer to enjoy. Here are 10 looks from 10 different celebrities that will help you obtain a great summer look.

  1. Jaime King is a popular model and actress who has a look that is great for summer. She has medium length hair in a golden blond. You can achieve this look by going with a medium length bob, with chunky layers that fall to the apples of your cheeks with soft curls at the end. The look is very cute and approachable. You could make this look formal by putting it up in a twist.
  2. Singer Willa Ford has a longer, wavy look in a bright, shiny blond. It’s the perfect look for summer time! You can get this look by getting your hair layered into chunky waves, with different blond highlights. This will give you great volume and dimension and is sure to be one of the hottest looks of this summer for those of us with longer hair!
  3. Jennie Garth has been on the acting scene for a while now, and has made it big with her comeback on the new 90210. Her hair has changed through the years, but the look she has now is very pretty and has an easy–to-do style. She has medium length hair, in a dark blond that has a sporty yet classy evening look to it. You can get this by putting it in soft curls,with multihightlights. The different tones will brighten up your face and if you’re wanting a REALLY formal look, you can do bigger curls.
  4. Joanna Page keeps it simple and oh so cute! The Welsh actress has a very short cut that brings out her eyes and is good for those who want to emphasize their facial features. To get this, go for more volume with a larger curling iron, and a darker color. She uses a darker blond. This haircut is simple because it can look formal or is great for just going out to go shopping or meeting with friends.
  5. Sophia Bush sports a more glamorous look, and in a brunette color. To achieve this, you want to go with a medium length with lots of piecy curls. You can use your hot curlers, curling iron or twisties. It has a bit of a “messy” look but this adds sass to the look even if you’re going for an evening out.
  6. Victoria Beckham, fashion icon, is known for her daring looks, and she takes it there with her hair too. If you have a smaller frame like her, you can pull off her newest look. She got sick of the bob and went with a pixie style look. You want to get a very short cut, with some pieces around the face to soften the look. Her fringe is parted with small, choppy sections. This is a great style for those who don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to put a huge effort into fixing their hair every morning.
  7. Monica is a beautiful singer and woman. She sports a beautiful look that you can get by getting a short cut, keeping it VERY short on the sides, but very heavy on the top. With her look, the fringe is all the way down to her eyelids, and angled to cover just about all of her forehead. This is a good look for those who feel they have a larger forehead. The real catch to this haircut, is the funky coloring that she does. It adds flair and sophistication to this haircut.
  8. Many could think that Zoe McLellan stole her look from Victoria Beckham, but she has actually this short look for years now. She has a dark brown color, in a VERY short pixie bob. This is the easiest look to get by just showering, blow-drying and go! With this look she does a far side-parting with a full set of bangs.
  9. Canadian beauty, Rachelle Lefevre has a great look for those with curly hair. Her hair is done in a Carmel color, with tons of long, soft curls. She leaves it simple, and it could go with a jeans and t-shirt look or could look completely formal.
  10. Kimberly Caldwell has had many hairstyles through the years and to get her newest look you want to get razored layers, with a messy look. The effects are perfect for that more edgy look that you are looking for! The razored bangs can really make the look, and they suggest going with a really bright color!

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