Reasons Why You Might Choose One Over Another CBD Softgels And CBD Pills

You’ve probably heard of both CBD softgels and CBD capsules. But which is better for you?

If you’re looking to buy CBD, you’ll see a wide variety of options in the form of oils or capsules. There are many reasons why you might choose one over another.

Let’s start with an overview of what each option has to offer, then we can move on to comparing them side by side.

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are made from hemp seed oil that contains a specific amount of CBD per serving. The most popular brands use 10mg of CBD per serving, but you can find capsule products containing anywhere between 3mg and 30mg of CBD each. You can also find CBD capsules containing other cannabinoids like THC or CBN.

Capsules come in two main sizes: one-serving and multi-serving, so be sure to read labels carefully before buying any. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to advertise that they contain “5x” or “10x” servings if you buy a single-serving bottle. This isn’t a typo – it means that each capsule contains five or ten times the amount of CBD that normal capsules do. These larger bottles will usually cost more than normal capsules, too.

How Do CBD Capsules Work?

Unlike CBD oil, CBD capsules are not made by soaking CBD flowers in alcohol or using supercritical CO₂ extraction. Instead, capsules are made by adding CBD isolate powder into a carrier oil, such as MCT oil (like the kind used in coconut oil). Then, this mixture is put through a process called liposomalization, where it gets coated in phospholipids and cholesterol.

This creates tiny particles inside the oil that act like little bubbles. Once these capsules are formed, the manufacturer adds additional ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, to ensure that your body absorbs all the nutrients properly.

Is CBD Capsule Safe For Everyone?

Yes! Just like CBD oil, CBD capsules are completely safe for everyone to take. However, people who have liver issues should avoid taking CBD capsules.

While some CBD capsules may not list any ingredients except for CBD, others may include additives like vitamin C or magnesium oxide. Be sure to check for these ingredients when shopping for CBD capsules.

CBD Benefits Of Using Capsules

There are several primary benefits to using CBD capsules rather than CBD oil. To begin with, capsules are far easier to dose.

The main reason to prefer CBD capsules over CBD oil is because there are no droppers involved. If you’re someone who likes to take CBD supplements in the morning, getting the exact dosage every time can be tricky. With oil, you need to pour exactly 5ml of oil onto your tongue, wait for it to dissolve, and swallow. With capsules, however, just open the package and consume the entire contents.

Also, since CBD capsules don’t require measuring, you won’t run out of product. On top of this, you can use capsules to make CBD edibles and drinks instead of relying on oil to mix with food.

For example, if you wanted to add 2mg of CBD to your morning coffee, you could either drink CBD oil first, then add it to your coffee, or blend it into your coffee directly. If you were to use CBD capsules, you wouldn’t even need to measure anything at all.

Finally, CBD capsules are generally cheaper than CBD oil. Even though CBD capsules are often sold for a higher price, the total cost is typically less due to how much CBD is in each capsule. Plus, you can save money by combining multiple capsules together and filling up a large supplement container.

CBD Oil Vs CBD E Liquid

Now that we know about CBD capsules, let’s compare them to CBD e liquids. Like CBD capsules, CBD e liquids are available in different strengths and doses, so again, it comes down to personal preference.

One major difference between CBD capsules and CBD e liquid is taste. While most e liquids are flavored, this isn’t true for CBD e liquids. While some brands offer unflavored CBD e liquids, the best tasting e liquids are those that are available in both flavors and unflavors.

Another advantage of e liquids is that they can easily be mixed into foods and drinks. So, if you want to enjoy CBD in your favorite smoothie or shake, you can easily add a few drops of CBD e liquid to the recipe instead of having to go through the hassle of mixing CBD oil into your beverage.

This is especially helpful when making CBD tea or kombucha. Since CBD is water-soluble, it tends to separate from the rest of the ingredients during brewing. So, if you wanted to make CBD tea with fresh herbs, you would need to add the CBD oil separately.

On top of this, CBD e liquids are also easy to store. They don’t have a significant shelf life, so you can keep them in your fridge indefinitely.

When choosing CBD e liquids versus CBD capsules, the biggest deciding factor is taste. In general, people prefer CBD e liquids over CBD capsules, simply because they have stronger, more pleasant flavors. Also, CBD e liquids are easier to dose, allowing you to take smaller amounts without worrying about running out of product.

The only real downside to e liquids is that you need to constantly replace them, whereas CBD capsules can last for months without needing to be replaced. And, unlike CBD oil, you can combine multiple capsules together to create a giant supply of CBD.

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