Quick Solutions to Help Build a Mobile Site

Google’s mobile site templates make it easier for businesses to create a mobile site and increase their mobile search presence.

Mobile SiteBecause there are already too many articles out there stressing the importance of creating a mobile presence, I’ll spare you the talking points and just get right to the point: You can now create a mobile site that, while it may not work as a permanent solution, can at least allow you to dip your toes in the water. And you can do it for next to nothing and very few technical skills.

While a search on “Mobile Site Templates” will return a slew of sites that are to mobile site templates what WordPress is to web templates, things just got more serious because Google has joined the fray with their own set of mobile site templates.

It’s a simple, basic solution that will serve users a mobile version of your site with just the information they need. And because it’s a Google template, you know you’re getting a search-friendly solution you can trust to get the job done.

For example, say you’re a restaurant, which is exactly the type of industry where mobile is becoming most valuable and important. Google has a mobile site template for you that will allow you to serve users a landing page with your logo, an area for other images or text like your hours, and a prominent phone number that users can click to call. In addition, at the bottom of the page, there are links to coupons, menu, and directions. As the image shows, all of this appears on the page so that users won’t have to scroll to see the restaurant’s most important information.

Mobile Site

Even if you’re not a restaurant, Google has a template for you. They have Local Business templates, which allow you to list products and promotions; Lead Generation with a click to subscribe button; Social which has links to all of your social sites like Twitter, facebook, YouTube, etc.; eCommerce for product sales – with pricing; and Custom, in case none of these work for you. And because they’re templates, there is no reason you can’t customize any of these if you have a skilled development team.

Mobile Site

The bottom line is that creating a mobile site no longer takes a huge budget; it just takes a little time and planning.

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