Pre-Shaped Eyebrow Wax Strips a Review of Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers

The Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers concept is pretty cool. You can currently buy it at your local Wal*Mart or Walgreens and do cold waxing at home. Now by cold waxing, it simply means you do not have to heat up the wax strips in your microwave before using.

The strips come in an 18 pre-cut strip set. The instructions are to make sure your skin is clean and dry from make up and oil before starting the waxing process. It also suggests you wait a full 21 days from the last time you waxed. You start by pulling off a strip from the white blocks of paper. There’s one for the top of your eyebrow and one for the bottom. The bottom one was a bit too long and ended up laying on top of the eyelid. Good idea is to trim the bottom eyebrow shaper if it’s too long to avoid accidentally pulling the wax strip off from there and causing discomfort. The product claims not to leave it on for longer than 10 seconds. The first time I tested this product, I only left it on for 10 seconds as it claimed. When I peeled the wax strip off, there was only a few hairs.

The next time the product was left on for a little bit longer than the 10 second mark. Unfortunately only a few hairs came off again and the skin was left even more irritated with redness that lasted more than an hour. They also provide smaller strips at the bottom of each strip sheet that can be used to wax the upper lip and chin. I did not use these strips.There was very little eyebrow shaping granted the product didn’t take too many hairs out. It is easy to use and there is no messy clean up. But considering how little the product did, I wouldn’t suggest this item if you have medium to coarse hair removal needs. Cost of this item is around $3.00-5.00 depending on where you shop.

I would suggest checking out Sally Hansen’s Wax Strip for face, eyebrow and bikini line. This product can be bought from laser hair removal near me. This product does not come currently in pre-shaped for eyebrows but can be easily trimmed with scissors. This item requires for best results to warm up the wax sheets in between your hands for warmth. Both sides of the wax strip are coated. This product did remove a lot of eyebrow hair and the results last for around 3-4 weeks. They even include a finishing oil to smooth parts of the skin and to help with any wax residue. This product costs around $5.00-$7.00 depending on where you buy it.

It’s a good idea to wax a couple of hours before attending an event/occasion to avoid seen redness at site of waxing. Check out both official websites online to learn more about these products and to find a product locator @ and

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