Planning is Essential to Any Home Improvement Project

Before you begin any new home improvement project, you need to prepare for the logistics of moving the equipment around your yard. For me, my preparations for building a cinder brick wall around my property involve managing the strains of moving tons worth of brick, cement, measuring tools and buckets around my soggy Southwest Louisiana backyard.

In the past, I would dive into tasks like laying a ceramic tile floor in my home. The project on the surface seemed easy but I pulled the muscles in my back because hauling the boxes of tiles proved to much for me. I also realized that I needed a wet tile saw that I did not preplan for and it added hundreds of dollars to the project.

How many pounds of material are you going to move for your project and how far?

Many of us dive into a home improvement project and forget about how heavy the materials can be. The first step for me was identifying estimated total pounds of material that will be moved. I estimated that laying just the cement 14″ stepping stones for the cinder block wall will require 15lbs x 2 pieces x 50 rows = 1500lbs of material. I will be hauling the material approximately 100ft from my front driveway to the back fence row. Just to do this, I needed something which had a long bed that could hold these stepping stones to build the foundation to my wall.

Identifying The Tools

I began shopping at local stores and found a product called Folding Platform Truck but they were asking $120 for the item at Lowe’s. Rather than buying it instantly, I went home and found the same product at for just $60. I purchased the Folding Platform Truck, 660 Lb, 36″x24 3/4″, Blue/Gray (SPR02040) and it promptly arrived at my house three days later in time for the weekend.

Justifying The Purchase Before Committing To Buy

Ask yourself if you really need the product. The Folding Platform Truck has a high wheel base which means it can traverse a yard with no concrete path. I also can place cinder blocks and cement onboard which will save me time. The 660 Lb folding cart also can help me carry small caches of bricks daily as I pick up new bricks for my project. I can move the bricks to the building site and save hours of time when I begin the construction of the wall because the bricks will already be onsite. Finally, when the Folding Cart is not being used, its handle folds down to the base and can be stored efficiently in my garage with little interference to moving other items like lawn mowers out.


If you follow these simple steps for every need prior to beginning a home improvement project, you will save hours of time and be able to focus on the construction quality rather than the logistics behind moving the materials. Pre-planning a project also gives you a chance to discover other needs and costs that other wise could have been unexpected. As you can see in the photos, I was able to move my materials easily through the grass and my lab JR enjoyed riding on the Folding Cart as well.

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