Optical mirror coating- What is the use of coating on the mirror, and what are its types?

Numerous people on the globe wear spectacles because they cannot see clearly with their naked eyes. On the mirror of the spectacles, the optical coating is done. The coating helps in clearing the vision. If you are the one who cannot see clearly with the naked eyes, then you should go for the optical mirror coating glasses and have the best anti-reflection vision in your life.

 The mirror is commonly used in glasses or a camera’s lens. It is best in camera because it helps in creating diversion effect while clicking the photograph. Likewise, there are lots of other unique uses of the mirror coating. There are lots f types of coating you will get to know later in the article. If you are new to this term, then, first of all, you need to know about its basic, which is no ordinary person should wear optical glasses spectacles as it can ruin their vision.

 You should only go for it if you are really facing issues in the clarity in vision else the coating glasses are of no use.If you get irritated by reflection on your glasses, then you should go for the mirror coating one, which would help you in getting rid of the reflection.

What are the different types of coating you should know about?

There are numerous kinds of coating which can be done on the mirror. In this article, we will be going to discuss about the essential one which can enhance your knowledge in terms of the coating. Here are some of the varieties for you-

  1. Anti-reflection coating- The Anti-reflection coating is called as AR coating, which is specially designed to fade away reflection. There is a thin coating put on the glasses, which helps in the elimination of the coating or the glare from the front and the back side of the glasses. 

It also helps in eliminating sparkling lights from the glasses so that you can get to have perfect vision. It also helps in reducing the sharpness of the light in the night time so that you can drive carefully. It is highly essential to use this kind of coating if you usually drive in the night time.

  • Scratch-resistant coating- As we all know that scratches can ruin the quality of any glass or mirror, which is why there is scratch resistant coating is there. You can have this coating on your glasses or mirror so that no scratch can take place. The coating is to be done on the front and the back side of the glasses or mirror so your glasses can be kept protected from any kind of scratches.

 You can give any mirror or lens to the kids with scratch resistant coating because it would be safe. If your kid throws it by chance, then there would be nothing to be worried about because the special coating will be going to protect it no matter what.

  • Ultra violet coating- The most demanded coating in the market is UV coating. It is because, as we all know, UV rays are very harmful to the eyes. The harmful results can be seen or can become in notice after a few years, so why not take care of it in the present time. 

If you want to protect your eyes, then you should go for the UV rays coating, which will be going to keep you safe and protected by blocking 100% of the rays to enter in your eyes. Most of the high in quality sunglasses use this kind of coating. There is a built-in protection in the coating, which is essential if most of your day spent in the sunlight.

  • Photochromic coating- If you want to have sunglasses effects in your spectacles, then there is nothing better than photochromic coating. It helps in darken the lens whenever it comes to the contact of the sunlight. It is beneficial as you can easily get to open your eyes and have clear vision no matter how harsh is the sunlight.

 There is one thing you need to take care of that is you should keep it away from the scratches as they can ruin the quality. If you cannot afford a secondary pair of the sunglasses, then this would be the best option for you to choose from.

  • Anti-fog coating- Are you living in an area where winters are common in 12 months? If yes, then you should need to know about the Anti-fog coating, which helps in keeping fog away from the lenses. Fog can be irritating, and it occurs especially in the winter season.

 Instead of cleaning it after a regular interval of time, you should go for this coating on your glasses. No more moisture or fog can even dare to stick on your glasses. 

  • Tinted coating- If you want to add some style to your vision, then you should go for the tinted coating. It would help in giving extra light to the lens like yellow, blue, pink, etc. You can go for any of them, but you should know that it can disturb your vision.

 You should wear the lens only on a special occasion and on rest days you can go for the normal one. There is a special tint for your glasses, which can help in reducing eye strains or headaches.

  • Mirror coating- This kind of coating helps in keeping your eyes invisible to others. It is applied to the outer part of the lens so that no one can come to see your eyes. On the other hand, you could be able to see them easily, which is the best thing about this coating. Most of the time, you can get to see this kind of coating in the sun-glasses. 

It can be a little bit expensive than others, but it can provide privacy to your eyes in limited ways. If you do not want anyone to look directly in your eyes, then you should go for this coating.

These are some of the types of coating you should know about. Every coating has different functions that can help in clearing your vision in very different ways. You should not go for the random coating as first you need to find the purpose, and then you should go for the selection of coating.

Bottom lines about optical coating you should know about

There are two types of lenses you can get form the market as number one is built-in coating lenses, and second is normal lenses. If you are using normal lenses and want to switch to the coating, then there is no need to change it. The coating can be done on the normal lenses too. The best recommendation would be that you should go for the inbuilt coating because they are superior in quality, and you would get to have results for a longer time as compared to the normal lenses. Thus in this way, you can easily get to provide relief to your eye sight and thus have the best and clear vision.

In the conclusion, we can say that coating is a part of technology. You can go for the one which is required by your eyes.

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