MySims Kingdom DS: Where and How to Find the Perplexing Paw for Dr. F

Electronic Arts has done it again with their blend of storytelling and adventure with the release of MySims Kingdom for the Nintendo DS. Like many games in this genre, your time in MySims Kingdom DS is spent meeting up with a variety of characters that give you the task of finding various objects hidden throughout the game. Of all the characters in MySims Kingdom DS, Dr. F, the resident mad scientist, sends you out on the most journeys for finding random items to make his projects come alive.

In order to complete a big project, Dr. F requests that you collect the Perplexing Paw among other items. While the other items he requests are pretty easy to find, you will possibly find yourself perplexed trying to find the Perplexing Paw for him. In order to find the Perplexing Paw, you need to head over to the Mangrove Forest area of the game. There, you will find the kayaking mini game by speaking to the older woman in the north part of the Mangrove Forest. While you may have played the kayaking game before to get a feel of the game, it is essential that you earn a bronze medal or higher on the game to move the storyline forward. This is what this article is all about. You can easily learn some easy and useful tips about the game and learn the secret of finding the perplexing paw for Dr. F in the game as well. So if you have not downloaded the game until now just click on SIMS 4 download for an easy download of the game.

While the kayaking game requires a lot of practice, you can eventually get the time needed for the bronze medal. After earning a bronze medal in the kayaking minigame, the woman in charge of the game will hand you the Perplexing Paw. You may have to play the kayaking minigame at least 20 or more times in order to be successful. Very few people have beaten the time limit on their first few attempts.

The best way to do this is to focus on your turning. To turn your kayak successfully, you will need to start turning much sooner than you think you might have to. It’s essential to do this because the current in the river makes you drift towards the riverbank which will reduce your time by a few crucial seconds. Whatever you do, don’t let your boat get stuck on the river bank. Also, you have to pay attention to each stroke that you make with the stylus. Even making one mistake where you turn left where you meant to turn right will bring down your total time. Some players have also suggested that moving your stylus in a diagonal motion helps make your turns much tighter. The tighter the turns you have, the quicker you finish.

Once you actually get the Perplexing Paw from the kayaking minigame in MySims Kingdom DS, you won’t need to play the minigame again. So, it’s worth the frustration to try to get the fastest time possible. The game finishes soon after Dr. F receives the Perplexing Paw so don’t feel rushed to get it as soon as possible. After that, there aren’t many tasks to complete and you’ll wish that you did not rush to finish the game so quickly.

Another possibility for finding the Perplexing Paw is to cheer up Roy in the Town Hall area of the game. It isn’t known why some games have different ways to get the Perplexing Paw, but it’s good to know how other people have found their items. If you don’t know, Roy is the guy who owns the furniture shop. In the beginning of the game, you’ll walk into his shop and he will constantly be depressed. Many people who have played MySims Kingdom DS have been able to cheer Roy up and then receive the Perplexing Paw.

Of all the tasks in MySims Kingdom DS, finding the Perplexing Paw is the most difficult that you will encounter. But if you focus on getting the best time possible on the kayaking minigame, the Perplexing Paw will be yours to give to Dr. F.


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