Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen: In the beginning of this movie, two men forcefully enter Clyde Shelton’s ( Gerard Butler ) residence and brutally murder his wife and his child, with the intent on killing him as well. Little did they know, he would survive the attack and go on to seek justice and revenge. The two criminals are eventually caught and are processed through the justice system. To Shelton’s distaste, there is a slight problem with how the justice system worked and how the District Attorney Nick Rice ( Jamie Foxx ) handled the situation. Shelton decides that he does not agree with the outcome of the fate of these two criminals, and he is going to make a little justice of his own.

Ten years lapses in the movie and nothing has changed. After these ten years, Clyde Shelton pops up again and the movie really begins. Not only is Clyde Shelton looking to seek justice against the district attorney who abused his position, but he is also seeking justice against the entire city and the way they are locking up criminals. As it turns out, the deal that the district attorney made with the criminal was such that one criminal was to receive death by lethal injection, and the other would only receive 5 years in prison. Clyde does not like the idea of one criminal receiving a painless death penalty by lethal injection, and the other being released after a short 5 years. Clyde wants revenge against these two men.

Clyde develops a very thorough game plan to completely unravel the justice system in the city as well as deal with the criminal who is out on the streets. After Clyde is locked up in jail, he still remains to play games with the district attorney and still manages to disrupt society. He uses time, his intelligence, and knowledge from his past job to create absolute chaos to Nick Rice and everyone around him from inside a jail cell. He offers Rice many deals while under arrest, and when Rice finally disagrees to an important deal, Clyde will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure that every person currently involved with the justice in Philadelphia is dead. Surely, you will love this movie. You can use kodi for firestick to watch this movie. This platform is one of the best software that you can find online. Law abiding citizen will be good to see using this media player.

Why you will like this movie:

You will like this movie because it is a mysterious thriller. There is tons of action as well as a very mysterious underlying base to the whole movie. It will have you trying to figure how it is possible that is Clyde is doing everything he is doing from inside his jail cell. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering, “What will Clyde do next?”

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