Mobile Auto Detailing Business Review

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my Mobile Detailing Business that is located in NY. I have owned this business with my father for about 8 years. now. We are prospering well and are able to make enough money to make a decent living. If anyone would be interested in starting a business like this I can say only one thing. I think you should start this business but only if you really like to clean cars and detail them.

To me and my father detailing and cleaning cars is something that we enjoy. I have always liked the feeling when a customer calls us up and books an appointment. He or she tells us that their car is filthy and very dirty and they want us to clean and detail it for them as best as we can. Most of the time the client does not expect the final outcome to be what it realy is and they are very suprised when they see their vehicle after our service. Many people tell us that their car wah not this clean when they picked it up from the dealership.

I love the feeling when we come to a job and see a car that has been neglected on the outside especially and has lost it’s shine and look. When we are done with it and look at our before and after pictures we can see that the difference is sometimes just amazing. A lot of times when we start working on a black and neglected car the color looks almost grey. When we are done with it the black is so deep and has such a mirror like reflection that it is hard to believe it’s the same car that was here a few hours ago.

I thought I’ll explain the satisfaction that we feel after we do our work and make our customers happy. The thing is that a lot of work, sweat and tears were put into this business and it was not easy finding customers in the beginning because we were totally unprepared and thought it will be a lot different. There is a way to do everything correctly in any business you are trying to grow or start. For the Mobile Auto Detailing business we have learned the hard way what work and what doesn’t.

If you would be interested in starting a business like that and need information on how to do that please visit our website and put in your information (NAME and E-mail) We are preparing a guide based on our own and other owners experiences on How to start a business like that and where to find everything you need. We want to be able to help people and make it easier on them than it was on us. The guide is currently in development and will be available in a e-book format, CD listening format, printed book study course format, personal phone conversations with us and probably many more.

The  business has given us a lot of satisfaction over the years and helped us develop lasting personal and business relationships that are helpful in many aspects of our daily lives. In the beginning me and my father were at one point so discouraged and thought of just leaving the business and getting a regular 9 to 5 job and basically giving up. We had a hard financial situation and were almost forced to do that. We both actually had to find regular jobs just to be able to pay our bills. Even though I found a regular job which did not pay very well I never gave up and always kept thinking about how I can revive the idea and get this off to a point where it will make us a good amount of money that we can live off of and be able to save money as well. I finally wanted a situation where I didn’t have to worry about money which was the case for some time.

I started to look on the internet for answers and found some but could never find anyone that would have a guide available on how to do this from start to finish the right way. I remember how hard it was and how many mistakes we made. How hard it was for us to find a good supplier of cleaning products and equipment. There were many of them out there but not many that we thought were good, well priced and helpful.

I have to tell you this at the end. I think ceramic coating sydney business is a vary rewarding business to be in for a person who loves cars and enjoys taking care of them. After 8 years I still work full time and clean the cars myself. I love doing the work and enjoy the challenges. I certainly recommend this business for anyone interested and guarantee that our upcoming guide will be a big help in helping you get this dream of owning your own business off the ground and on a road to success.

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