Men and Shoes: Owning a Few Pairs is Plain Smart

Sure as a guy you already know that owning a pair of dress shoes is standard for any wardrobe, along with a pair of casual shoes like sneakers, and perhaps some shoes for exercising in. But many people still feel that owning a collection of shoes is something left to the women. After all, you don’t see men on Sex and City swooning over expensive shoes after expensive shoes.

Even if your not into fashion and view clothes and shoes as merely a requirement by law in public and the only way you’ll get service in your local 7-11, there is value in owning multiple pairs of shoes including a few pairs of sneakers, a few pairs of dress shoes, workout shoes, and even boots.

Think utility- You don’t often wear your black and sleek dress shoes and therefore one pair of these are sufficient. But what about more casual dress shoes and sneakers? You might wear a pair of Dockers shoes daily to the office and you might wear your sneakers out a couple of days a week. The simple point here is that if you wear a pair of shoes more then 1 or 2 times a week, they will wear out quicker. Whether the soul begins to wear out on one side, or the weather and daily scuffs really take a toll on the shoes, having only one or two pairs means you’ll be buying shoes more often. Moreover, take into account their comfort as well, it is really important that you have shoes that are comfortable and you can use them throughout the day. One of the ways to do is that you add Mindsole shoe inserts in your shoes. If you are not familiar with this process then you can do your research online and read Mindinsole reviews to get a clear picture of the shoes that you need. 

Think value- Since many guys just buy shoes because they either need a dressy pair to look nice or a pair of sneakers to go out in, most guys buy one of each and call it a day. But buying two or more at once at many stores usually leads to a discount, sometimes as high as buy one pair get one free. Even if you don’t buy more then one pair at a time, buying pairs at various times of the year means you are sure to run into a good sale while purchasing new shoes before the old ones have a chance to wear out; then you can alternate between new and old.

Think style- You have to realize that a guy who dresses well and shows at least some sense of style is a guy who the ladies take a bit more time checking out. You don’t have to dress like a poster boy for A  amp; F, nor do you have to have a different outfit for every day, but shoes have gone from just something to cover your feet, to a key fashion accessory for both men and women. Just look at Converse shows a.k.a. chucks. The company makes hundreds of different versions of the shoes for men and women and people who like the company often have multiple pairs of different colors and styles. Converse aside, the point here is that having a few pairs of the style shoe you wear the most often (whether it be dress shoes, sneakers, skate shoes, or casual shoes) is that you can match your shoes to the outfit you wear. A well-dressed guy who knows how to match the basic colors of his shoes to his outfit gets noticed.

It really doesn’t matter if this means your shoe collection grows from one pair to three or you own a closet full of shoes. Shoe variety and shoe fashion aren’t just for the women anymore, and you can change up to or highlight your style with the shoes you wear. And if fashion isn’t your thing, you’ll at least feel good knowing you’ll get more life out of your shoes by owning multiple pairs of different types.

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