Main Advantages Of Getting An Automatic Turntable

There is a lot of things you need to be aware of before purchasing a turntable. Generally, you will want to know the amount of money that you are willing to spend on a turntable. Some of the more specific things that you need to be aware of includes your preference for turntables with pre installed phono preamp, the size of records that you want to play, and the speed required to play your records. There is also the brand that you want to buy, such as audio technica or crosley turntable. However, after figuring all of that, there is still one more thing remaining: your preference in getting a manual and automatic turntable, and what is the difference between the two. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of automatic turntables when compared with manual turntables. Without further ado, let’s start:

Automatic turntable takes care of the manual work to play a record

Automatic turntable takes care of the manual work for you. With a manual turntable, there is more work to do in order to play a record. By using a manual turntable, you will have to physically move the tonearm on top of the record in order to play it and once it is done playing, you will have to manually lift the tonearm into its original position.

On the other hand, an automatic turntable will take care of that manual work. After you set up the record on the turntable, the tonearm is going to automatically be lowered on the record at the press of a button. Once the record is done playing, the tonearm will automatically lift up and will return to its original position. With an automatic turntable, you will get a machine that will be able to play records at the press of a button with no manual labor required.

Removes the worry of scratching the vinyl record for beginners

The greatest benefit of an automatic turntable is that you do not have to think about putting down the stylus needle on the record. That can be quite a huge relief especially if you are a newcomer when it comes to vinyl records, because you will not have to be worried about placing the stylus wrong or missing the edge of the record. This is very important because if you place the stylus improperly, it can scratch the record, which will certainly, ruin it in addition to making a loud screech noise.

By having an automatic turntable, there is also a reduced possibility of causing harming to the stylus since the majority of automatic turntables come with an automatic turn off function that will return the tonearm to its original position after it has finished playing. Because of this you will avoid instances in which the stylus will be on the record for a long time until you notice that it’s still placed down on the record.

Automatic turntables sound worse than manual turntables: is it true?

Automatic turntables do not have a reduction in quality whatsoever, contrary to the claim that the moving parts of an automatic turntable have a side effect on the quality of sound.

For those who have an excellent turntable that is maintained very well, it will have an excellent sound regardless of it being manual or automatic.


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