Lords Mobile- Build Your Own Kingdom And Rule

Do you like true realistic role-playing games? If yes, then lord mobile is the one you should not miss as you will find loads of heroes waiting for you. The graphics of this game is mind blowing, so people who love realistic and high-resolution graphics should go for it without any second thought at all. You will come to tackle various dark evils, and it might not be easy for you if you are alone.

You need to build your own army, and if you want to upgrade them, then some gems might be required. Lord’s mobile free gems can be possible as there are some services you can get online those who can help you in getting free gems just by completing the surveys. So once you start building your own army and troops, it will become easier to fight wars.

This game is all about doing battles and keeps growing in the game, so you can play it right on your mobile phone easily, and if you not, then you can try it over online services too. The world will be magical, so you need to learn some magic tricks if you want to win the fights without any problems at all.

Build your own strategy

You should build your own strategy if you want to stay till the end like a one man army. Also, war is not enough as you need to unlock new things like defense buildings and many other troops because they are important too.  If you want your village to look attractive and defensive at the same time, then you need to purchase decorative, which can be done with the help of in-app currencies.

Dark elves and steampunk robots are the ones you can add to your army, which can fulfill your magical world. Your main aim is to fight and conquer the empire and rule the kingdom. You will a different section in which you can keep track of your troops, like how much time they will take to get ready for the battle.

Good internet connection required.

It is an online multiplayer game, so a good internet connection is required if you do not want to face any kind of issue. You cannot run this game without an internet connection because you have to fight with the real world players, and they can be pro in it, so you need to focus on the training matches too. In that, you will come to learn different strategies and powers that you can use in order to win the battle.


Do not ever rush in the battle because it might make you to lead a very wrong decision, so you should play this game with a proper plan. Make sure to send those troops first, which are low in hit-points, so that the stronger one can provide proper support to them from the back. In this way, you can win the battles easily without any issue at all.

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