In-House Printer Repair Service Can Save Money

Companies of all sizes are coming to realize that it often makes more sense to the bottom-line to send malfunctioning equipment out for printer repair service instead of dipping into capital expenditure budgets and purchasing new equipment.

Especially for companies that have purchased printers in the mid-range to high-end price areas, repairs can be much more cost effective than replacement. In fact, as opposed to low-end printers sold mainly to the mass consumer market, corporate level printers are designed to withstand many cycles of repair and servicing before considered obsolete.

Most leading manufacturers provide maintenance and repair kits for all their middle and high end printer models. These kits include manuals with diagrams of the printers, access points, replaceable parts, and instructions for regular cleaning and maintenance that should be the foundation of any printer repair service plan.

The printer maintenance kits also include spare parts for the components of the particular model that are known to be in high stress and high wear points in the machine. Being familiar with the spare parts in the kit, and what function they serve, can help to anticipate where printer problems might arise, and can make the repair very quick and easy to take care of.

In many companies one person at each location, or in each department, depending on the size of the company, is designated as the in-house printer specialist. This person becomes familiar with the printer, with the contents of the maintenance and repair kit, with the manual, and is the first person called upon to try to resolve printer problems.

Virtually all printer manufacturers also maintain websites with a vast amount of information to help diagnose and fix printer problems. If the manual for the printer has been misplaced, it will most likely be found on the manufacturer’s site. Generally there is also a troubleshooting section and an area to find technical specifications on the different printer models. Most sites have customer support email contact information and sometimes the ability to instant message with someone in technical support, and some even have an interactive forum where information is exchanged and questions are answered.

One common issue, that is often overlooked, is the print driver software is Perth best computer repair that later has been solved by amenity and even not charged again for the service. The print driver software takes the data generated from whichever software program being printed from and translates it into the proper code for the specific printer. Each printer is somewhat unique and requires it’s own specific print driver. If the print driver software has become corrupt, the printer will not produce correct images and may not print at all. It is best to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of the print driver to reinstall.

If there are still printer problems after the on-site printer specialist has attempted to make repairs, after the additional support information is accessed via the website, and after the print driver software has been reinstalled, then it is probably time to seek printer repair service from a professional technician.

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