How to Stop Your Elbow from Giving Away Your Age

There are many things that plastic surgery can fix to help you look younger. You can get a tummy tuck, a nose job or an eye lift. There is one area that has not been able to get fixed yet by plastic surgery and that is the elbow. Your elbow can give away your age if it has spots or flabby skin hanging off of it. People will look at you and your newly Botoxed forehead and think you look years younger until they see your elbow peaking out from under the sleeve of your shirt shouting “Look at me I’m 55!” Do not be afraid, you do not have to sport long sleeve shirts for the rest of your life, there is a solution.

Take care of your skin and exercise. If you have well toned arms then you will be in better shape every time you point at something. If you have well toned arms then you will not have that chicken sack of skin hanging down from your bicep. You will also be healthier all around if you have stayed in shape with just a little exercise every day. Begin the day right, do some deep breathing stretches, some sit-ups, push-ups and good old fashioned jumping jacks. You could even do some bicep curls or work with retention bands as you sit and watch the evening programs on TV. Working with weights and elastics will help you work the muscles that normally may go unutilized. Make sure that you are forming habit and routine with the exercises as then you will be able to track your progress and see results.

Struggling to get ahead with your practice? Well, not to worry as that is normal for beginners as they can be quite hectic and troublesome but if you go ahead following a strict format of healthy diet and regular exercise, you will get used to it in a short span of time and plastic surgery will seem like an unnecessary waste of money for the rest of your body, which is nothing more than an artificial coating on your natural skin that gives way with age.

When taking care of your skin externally you need to make sure that you are washing, scrubbing and moisturizing. You need to do for your body the same as you would do for your face. Use a great body wash each day with moisturizers such as glycerin, Vitamin A and E or Aloe in them to keep your skin hydrated. Use a fruit based scrub once a week on your body to keep it smooth and free from build up of dead skin. Use a moisturizer with Vitamin E, C or White Tea daily to help protect against dryness and will also help stop free radical damage that causes age spots and sun spots on the elbow and all over the skin. If you are using products with a fruit base then you are helping to lighten your skin with the alpha hydroxy acids. Pick up products with caffeine or mint and you will be able to tighten the skin as well from the boost they will give to your skins metabolism. There are many great skin care companies that you can turn to for a wide range of products that not only smell great but actually will do something for your skin.

Take a few moments before you go to bed at night to moisturize. Slather on a rich butter or cream onto your elbows and massage in well. While you are at it hit your knees and feet as well. The better you treat your body the better it will treat you and the younger you will look for longer. If you are well toned and have firm, soft, polished skin then you will not be giving away your age. If you treat your body right then you may not need that Botox after all.

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