How to Prevent Pet Hair from Building Up on Wood Floors

Our family includes two cats, two kittens and one wonderful dog. I knew that we had enough cat hair in our living room rug to carpet a bedroom; however, I did not realize just how much pet hair could quickly build up on a floor until we installed our wood flooring. It seems that no sooner than I sweep the floors there is more pet hair finding its way onto my gorgeous new hardwood floors. Fortunately, we are animal lovers and have taken in strays for as long as we have been married, so over the years, we have learned a few tricks to cleaning pet hair from wood floors and preventing pet hair from building up on wood floors.

Remove pet hair from floors

  • Pet hair can collect in corners – use masking tape to remove pet hair from corners and places that are hard to reach with vacuum cleaners or brooms.
  • The attachment to your vacuum cleaner is a great tool to use to remove pet hair from under furniture, corners and along baseboards.
  • Use a dust mop sprayed lightly with wood polish or use a damp mop to pick up pet hair off wood flooring.
  • Cordless hand vacuums are a great way to remove pet hair quickly from small sections of wood floor.
  • If pet hair is a big problem on your wood floors, consider purchasing one of those automatic room vacuums. They run automatically and can keep pet hair off wood floors.
  • Sharp edges on hard wood floors will snag and hold pet hair. To avoid this, apply a sealer coat to the specific area or the entire wood floor – the sealer will smooth out rough edges to prevent them from attracting pet hair.
  • Try a rubber sweeper or a specialized pet hair remover to keep dog and cat hair off wood floors.

Prevent or decrease pet hair on wood floors

  • Brushing cats and dogs regularly will help prevent the amount of pet hair in your home and thereby decrease the amount of pet hair on your wood floors.
  • Keeping your pets inside can help reduce the amount of pet hair on your floors because they stay in a more constant temperature. Animals that spend all day outside in the cold will shed more when they come inside a warm home.
  • Change air filters every month and use specialized air filters that trap and hold pet hair to reduce cat and dog hair on wood floors. Purchase an air filter for the rooms that your pet stays in the most.
  • You can minimize the amount of pet hair that settles on your wood floor by cleaning pet hair off furniture, clothing and rugs.

These are some of the easiest way through which you can avoid the gluing of pet hairs onto your wooden floor. You can use the above tips at regular intervals of time so that you can easily get rid of those unwanted pet hair from your floor.

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