How to Lose Weight with T.O.P.S

I had been overweight most of my adult life. After giving birth to two children and frankly getting lazy and not watching what I ate I packed on the pounds. I had tried shakes, pills, salads, work out videos and nothing helped. Then my Aunt introduced me to a program she had just started called T.O.P.S and that was the beginning of my new life.

T.O.P.S is a non profit organization that was founded way back in 1948 by a lady named Ester Manz. She saw a need there for people of all different walks of life to come together and support one another in their weight loss vision and so a Chapter was created.

Since then there are so many members who have come through the doors of a TOPS Chapter and loss weight. There is no wonder why people are successful at losing weight with TOPS because they are friendly and treat you like family and support you every step of the way.

All you have to do is get the membership and your own personal code and start training from day one itself. You just need to show code and gain entry.

You will meet weekly and get weighed in. The weight recorder and yourself are the only ones who see your weight. Once every one is done weighing in they Leader goes around the room and taking turns they ask how each of the members did on their weight loss journey for the week.

If you had a loss then you are congratulated and then if it so happens that you had a gain then don’t worry the group comforts you and tries to help you to come up with a plan to see why you gained and what you can do to lose the next week.

There is no particular diet plan or meals to buy or pills to take. TOPS ask that you visit with your own Doctor and let him release you to join TOPS and let him recommend what calorie intake etc you should be placed on as well as a goal weight.

There will be weekly contest and songs and of course my favorite is the State competitions and the monthly area chapter meetings and awards ceremonies. For the price of only $26.00 a year and in Canada only $30.00 the price can’t be beat.

Not only do you get to fellowship with others that are in the same situation as yourself but once you become a KOPS which stands for Keeping Pounds Off Successfully you can inspire others. What a great feeling it is to be able to give back to those that gave so much to you when you needed it.

You can get more information today about TOPS or join on line at Find a Chapter today and get busy losing. I have found that no other weight loss program I tried out there worked for me but this one and I guess it’s because I’m very competitive and I enjoy competing in the contest.

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