How To Choose The Best Telescope For Your Young Astronomer

Children love to discover and learn new, different things. Their minds are always looking for answers to all the questions running. From learning how to play a particular sport to learning how to solve a math problem, children are always on the go to find for ways and answers about everything. Most of their time spent in studying and trying to unfold a lot of great things about the world and everything on it. It is no doubt children not only love to play, but they love to study things as well.

As parents, it is our duty to provide them with all the necessary equipment and tools they need for them to learn and grow. From dictionary to math problem solving books, it is essential that they have the right tool with them to learn new things, academically or generally. Hence, if you can see that your kid is interested in astronomy or if he is very much curious about what are outside our planet, you must provide him with a telescope. However, telescope is not like any other toys. It is an instrument that is quite expensive yet very educational for your kids. To further help you, this article will give you some tips on choosing a children’s telescope for your special young astronomer.

Consider telescope as an investment

As mentioned, telescope is not a toy. It is an educational tool for your kids. Therefore, as parents, you should consider it as an investment for your kids. Buying a telescope under $100 dollars is no good. Always go for the brand new one, high quality, high-end power so your kids will enjoy using it as it can provide him quality view of celestial objects.


Aperture is an important factor that you have to consider in buying a telescope. In simple definition, aperture refers to the diameter of the mirror or lens of the telescope which determines how much light a telescope can gather. Thus, the quality of the view will also depend on the aperture. So whether you are looking for the best telescope for solar eclipse, stars, nebulae or planets, aperture should be on top of your checklist.

Determine the type of telescope

Aside from aperture, the type of telescope you want to buy should be given consideration. Generally, there are three types of telescope; refractor, reflector and compound. Refractor uses lens while reflector uses curved mirror in gathering light.  A compound telescope has both features of a refractor and a reflector. If your kids love to view celestial objects such as planet, stars, nebulae, reflector is the best deal for your kids. But if he or she wants to view at daytime scene, refractor will be good.

Final thought

Always bear in mind that telescope is never a toy. Therefore, do not buy telescopes that are too cheap to be true. After all, this is for the learning and growth of your kids to allow them to discover the innate beauty of the universe.

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