How I was Able to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss, Get Relief from Chronic Back Pain, and Improve My Quality of Life

If you want to lose weight and improve your life then you should try Crossfit gyms. I made to decision to join one myself after I came across a lot of cases of spine in Austin with people claiming multiple things about their health issues. Crossfit has a different policy from most gyms. They believe in forging Elite Fitness. The main theme is that athletes, stay at home moms, senior citizens, and weekend warriors need the same fitness regimen because their needs are the same- only the degree of fitness they need is different. They don’t expect everyone to lift the same weight or do the same amount of lifts. They call this concept universal scalability.

Because of their scalability everyone can do the same fitness routine as hardcore athletes. No silly aerobic exercises here. At Crossfits everyone lifts weights. This program has proven itself. It is now the main strength and conditioning program for many police departments, military special operation and champion athletes.

What drew me to Crossfits was the emphasis on functional fitness. I wasn’t getting in shape just to look pretty; I wanted to get in shape to improve my life. I wanted to be able to carry my groceries from the car, be able to go on longer hikes with my boyfriend, move my own furniture and much more. I acheived all my goals and more.. I got relief from chronic back and ankle pain due to a birth defect. I also got the feeling of achievement every time I left the gym because I had been able to push myself harder than before. I also achieved permanent weight loss.

I never got any of the above from aerobic classes. All I ever got from aerobic classes was ankle and back pain, temporary weight loss, and increase appetite. Crossfit training regime is better then just plain aerobics in many ways. First is that Crossfit isn’t afraid to incorporate weights. Almost every exercise at Crossfits uses free weights or body weight. The weight training increases your metabolism and reduces the risk of future injuries because strong muscles help your joints support your body.

Another reason is the personal attention. In Crossfit gyms you never workout alone and without the supervision of a certified trainer. You can only work out during a group class or a personal training session. This makes sure you are always working out correctly and working out your hardest. It also provides you with a support group. Tat really helped me. After being overweight my entire life, I stop caring. I just assumed that this was how I was going to be my entire life. Once I got to Crossfit this changed. With my trainer motivating me, I nolonger accept being overweight. She also helped me modify an exercise if it was hurting my back or ankle.

Thanks to Crossfit I was able to lose weight, get rid of my chronic back and ankle pain, and achieve functional fitness. I have never regretted joining Crossfit and I plan to stay with them for many years to come.


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