How I Gained Control Over My Social Media Dependence

You have seen them, you bear witness to these bad habits on a daily basis, you may even be one of them. Who may you ask am I referring to that would be me, the constant posting, the incessant sharing, the never ending posts that fill up every inch of your news feed. Yes I was one of these people, the never ending sharer of random pictures, the constant status updates every couple of minutes. I never looked at it as a problem until my friends and family kept saying something about how much and how often they saw me posting and that I was basically blowing up their news feed and notifications so much that they had to disable receiving notifications on their cell phones.

Ok so the first dozen or more times I just blew them off thinking you know this is my page if they don’t like what or how much I am posting they know where the unfriend button is located right. Not only was I not right but I found myself loosing friends and family members because of my overabundance with my Facebook© posts and status updates. Yes it took me loosing friends and family that were very close to me in order for me to see what I was doing, no it didn’t stop over night or in a couple of days I had to take it slowly, strikingly similar to a 12 step program.

First, admit there is a problem ok did that now give me back my computer I need to post about this. Not happening, but I did find myself walking away from the computer a little more each day, find something to do outside of your normal routine. True we are attached to our smart phones just as much as we are attached to any extra appendage in such ways that loosing it would be a catastrophe of epic proportions. Trust me leaving mine at home even for the less than 5 minute (no exaggeration) drive to the gas station freaked me out.

I know walking away from an addiction is so much easier said than done on so many levels, having a backup plan is always a good thing not just choosing the lesser of two evils. My back up plan consisted of learning how to sew and making candles both which have become lucrative and fun while keeping me away from my worst social habits. Yes it took me some time I was tempted with just wanting to update my status with every new endeavor I was undertaking, I had to keep reminding myself this was for my own good, yeah it took me a while to believe that for sure. I won’t tell you that I have walked away from social media for good, yes I still log into various social media sites, but one thing that I don’t do is constantly and annoyingly update my status or share random pictures incessantly, now I have found myself posting or rather not posting anything for days at a time. Whereas, before I would update my status every 5 minutes, share random pictures every minute and various other extremely annoying bad social media habits.

Basically if your friends and family are telling you that your posts and sharing is blowing up their news feeds and that you have a problem you might want to listen up. It took me a while to get back with the friends and family that I had alienated during my lowest moments apologize profusely and stick to your word that you will never post like you had been that was the key for me. Find another hobby something that is beneficial and not destructive is another key in achieving separation from your worst social media habits. I also found out that buying real instagram followers may not be a good idea just to prove something.

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