History Of The Miami Beach You Should Know

When you are in the United States of America and want to plan a beachside vacation, Miami is usually the first name that come to your mind. Isn’t it? This beautiful city, also nicknamed as the “Capital of Latin America”, houses the most population of Cuban-American plurality. Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Often related with luxury living, lavish resorts, extravagant hotels, and many other fun activities, Miami Beach is the place you want to be in your next holiday trip. But, it was not always like this in Miami. The region has a rich history which a lot of people are unaware of. Today, we will talk about the history of Miami and people living in Miami Beach.

History of Miami and the Miami Beach

The natives of the Tequesta Native American tribe occupied this area for more than 2000 years till the time the Europeans invaded the lands. Since the 600-700 BC, a tribal village of more than 100 natives was situated beside the Miami River. But, it is believed that during the mid-1700s, the entire tribe migrated to the Cuban shores due to European invasion.

During the 1800s – 

In 1870, Henry and Charles Lum, father and son, purchased massive areas of this place for 75 cents an acre. The first ever structure that was built on these lands was the Biscayne House of Refuge which was established in 1876 by United States Life-Saving Service. The main purpose of establishing this building was to help and support the people who used to get ship wrecked in Miami Beach. But, it was long before people would really come to Miami and settle down.

The next big development in the Miami Beach area was the idea of establishing coconut plantation along the shores during the 1880s. Even though it was a failed venture, it helped to grab attention towards Miami. Another investor, John S. Collins succeeded in planting different crops and started building plantations out of them. The development of rail roads and further advancement in technology, lead the people to come down and start settling in Miami.

The Early 1900s – 

A port was established in Miami Beach in 1905. When the Collins family understood the potential of the Miami Beach area, they planned to setup a beachside resort in the early years of 1900s. Soon, the Miami Beach Improvement Company was setup which did not have a hotel but food stands, bathhouses and much more. In 1915, the Brown’s Hotel was built for the guests to stay overnight. The building of the Collins Wooden Bridge gave the real estate in Miami Beach the boom it always wanted. People were really moving in to Miami now and were interested to buy and trade land in this region as well. Some of the popular destinations during the 1990s were the Vizcaya Museums and Garden and Dade County Pine. The Flamingo Hotel, The Fleetwood Hotel, and the Roney Plaza Hotel were the most enjoyable hotels during this time. 

During the Mid-1900s – 

Slowly but steadily, the tourism around the Miami Beach area was developing. The city has experienced two World Wars and during the WW II, Miami was used as the military training grounds as well. The demographics of this region however changed after a while. During the 1959 Cuban Revolution, a lot of Cubans migrated to Miami and the Beach area, which lead to the region housing the biggest Cuban-American plurality in the USA. In 1959, the city got the Miami International Airport which opened doorways for international tourists to visit here. In 1966, the Miami Beach County celebrated 100 years of existence.

The 2000s – 

After the 2000s, Miami Beach was a popular name in every household. It is currently the best beachside destinations in USA. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit this luxurious and pristine city to enjoy their holidays in extravaganza. The history of Miami Beach is well preserved in different museums and art galleries situated in various parts of the city. The Bass, Museum of Contemporary Art and many other museums in and around the Miami Beach area allows the people to get a closer look at the rich cultural tradition and history of Miami.

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