Guide To Spray Foam Insulation Kits

There are tons of options as you buy spray foam insulation kits for your projects. You have professional kits and do it yourself spray foam insulation kits that you can buy according to your requirements. 

Let us start with the types of kits that are available in the market and every other aspect that should consider as you use these kits. 

  • There are sealants and insulation kits that are basically different from each other. You use sealants to seal void and cracks and should always avoid using a sealant for large surfaces as it may lose its fire resistance properties with that. 
  • You should always use the proper gear as you use these kits. Make sure that you wear a protective suit along with a respirator so that you can avoid all the harmful chemicals as you use these kits. 
  • There are kits and trucks available that are suitable for different tasks. You can use trucks when you need to spray large amounts of surfaces. You can easily cover large areas with the help of trucks without any problem. You also get cold weather application with these trucks as well. On the other hand, you have kits that you can use for intermittent spraying and because of their small size, you can use these kits to reach tight spaces. They are also a bit expensive than trucks. 
  • You have closed cell and open cell kits in the market. Though a bit expensive than open cell, closed cell kits are more popular as they are water-resistant and can provide a barrier if used in a certain way. Open cell kits are preferred because of there sound resistant properties. These are commonly used between walls for this reason only. 
  • It is recommended that you never spray when the surface is wet. As moisture will work against the surface and would ruin the spray coat ultimately. In order to check the level of moisture, you can get yourself a moisture meter as well. 
  • Before you start with the spray process you should always plan your course of action. You start by using the kit in an empty box until you get a constant mixture of the chemicals. As you start with the coating you should always clean the spray tip after every 30-40 seconds. Although you get extra spray tips with every kit but you can still reuse the tip for as many times as possible. 
  • If you are working alone you should always prefer smaller kits that way you can manage and handle the kit more efficiently. This will also save you some money as well. 
  • If you know how much spray foam you will need for your project then you can always buy the right amount of foaming liquid. The surface area that any kit is going to cover is mentioned on the box, this way you can avoid wastage as well. 
  • If you are trying to cover your door or windows with the spray, then you should try to cover them with plastic before you start with the spray. This way you can avoid filling all the gaps and cracks with the foam. 
  • For the maintenance of your spray gun maker sure you use a lubricant after every use and after every time you change the tip of your gun. You will get a lubricant along with your kit that you can use for this. 
  • It is prohibited to leave spray foam insulations exposed according to the health code, which is why you should always make sure that you follow proper instructions and regulations as you use these spray kits.

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