Grow Castle – Tricks And Hints Beginners Should Follow!

If you want to Play Grow Castle like a pro, then it is not possible without having enough knowledge about its basics. First of all, learn all about the game and then get started to play it in a perfect manner. Well, it a tower-defense game in which players need to protect the castle from enemy attack. Plenty of heroes are out there, but you should always choose the one as per your play style. Every hero has unique abilities that you should consider before getting started. 

It is also crucial for beginners to consider vital tips and tricks for performing better. Here we are going to mention some tips that you should always remember while playing the game – 

  • Upgrade your castle 

Players should make upgrades regularly to survive longer in the game. First of all, you should upgrade the town archers that constantly fire without pause. With the help of this, it becomes easier to destroy bosses as well as enemy castles. At the initial stages, you need to upgrade them, and then you can move forward. Give preference to your castle for upgrading it to increase your HP and MP. it helps to add more slots for towers and heroes. With the help of towers, you can boost up the defensive capabilities and also provide many other advantages. 

  • Complete tasks to get rewards 

you shouldn’t ignore the importance of the map as it is considered as the side-quest list that offers different challenges. By completing all these challenges in Grow Castle for PC, you are able to win amazing rewards. Most of the missions ask you to free colonies from the castles of enemies. In return, you will be provided with gold in the form of rewards. You can take part in the easy as well as difficult missions. Try to develop a strong defense in order to get victory over the opponents. It will also allow you to attack the enemy castle without hassles. 

  • Watch advertisements 

While playing Grow Castle, you may find some ads when they pop up. You shouldn’t let them go waste. Click on the ads and watch for claiming a handsome reward. When you watch these advertisements, then you are able to gain a good amount of gold. Watch these ads regularly to get gold in the form of rewards. Never forget to click on the ad button because you may lose the opportunity to earn free gold. It is one of the effective tips that players should keep in mind while playing the game. 

  • Never waste skill points 

Skill points have amazing benefits that are hard to ignore, and that’s why players need to manage them smartly. They should never waste skill points for buying bonus gold or bonus exp. Always remember this thing until you reach the advanced stages. Your one mistake may ruin your game experience, and that’s why you should try to start with the management of skill points. Always spend them smartly to make the most out of them. 

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