Great Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Husbands and Dads would love

The men in my life are sometimes hard to shop for. There have been a few Christmas‘ when I’ve had to pick out last minute gifts for my husband and my dad. Buying corporate gifts wholesale is also a great option to think about. Here are some last minute Christmas gift ideas for the husband and/or dad in your life. 

Tools – Most men have an always-expanding tool collection. They seem to just love their tools. For last minute tool options for the husband or dad on your list, stop by a local hardware store, such as Lowes and Home Depot ,and browse the aisles. If all else fails, you can grab a gift card for that store so he can choose his new tool. 

Exercise Equipment – If your husband or dad is the active type, you can go for some exercise equipment. Handheld weights, an iPod arm band, a new water bottle, new fast-paced music, or workout videos are some ideas. 

Dartboard – This would go great in the game room or garage. Anything to make a man feel like a space is more of a man-cave is usually a great idea. If your dad or husband already owns a dartboard, you can move on to other “manly” games or simply some new darts. 

Movies – Something with action and/or comedy is a great, last minute man gift. Popcorn, drinks, chips, and other snacks would be a great companion gift. 

Socks – A man can never have too many socks. If your husband or dad works in a professional work place, fancy business socks would be a great option. 

Wine or Beer – Depending on your dad’s or husband’s preferences, a drink of choice is a quick, last minute gift. The wind or beer can even be accompanied by some fancy cheese and crackers or some chips and salsa. 

Accessories for a Surround Sound System, TV, Computer or Other Electronic Device – It seems that a man has an endless supply of cords. Yet there is always a new cord he needs. Maybe he wants to be able to stream Netflix movies onto his TV or he needs to hook up his surround sound to his computer. Or you can get a new mouse or mouse pad for his computer or laptop. Browse the electronics section in your local store for some more great, last minute ideas. 

Golf or Other Sports Accessory – If your dad or husband enjoys playing a sport, an accessory to that sport would be a great gift. A new golf club, golf tees, basketball, goal cones, frisbees, hockey pucks, and flag football flags are just some of the many options you can pick from. 

Brain Teasers – Brain teasers can offer hours of concentrated play. These are often small enough to be perfect stocking stuffers as well. 

Office Toys – If your husband or dad sits in a boring office day after day, his desk might be able to use a little office play. This might not always be a last minute gift, depending on the stores that are available in your area. But if there is a nearby store with these kinds of products, one of these items could liven up any man’s day at the office. To see some online office toys, visit here. 

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