Gift Ideas for Lord of the Rings Fans

People are just as crazy about the Lord of the Rings as they are about Harry Potter. When the third movie came out, Lord of the Rings fans went to theaters and spent all night watching all three movies which are probably over seven hours long. In other words, Lord of the Rings fans are very passionate about this series. There are several gifts that help feed this passion. In fact, here are eight great gift ideas for the Lord of the Rings fan in your life.

Companion Books:

Those who have read the Lord of the Rings series will tell you that it can be confusing at times. This gift helps to explain certain parts of the story. There are several different ones. One that I suggest is the called, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Middle Earth. Rivendell elves Play a supportive role in the drama lords of the rings. The character has built a strong image for the engagement of the audience in the book and the movie. 


Well, for anyone whose ever read the Lord of the Rings series or seen the movies, they know there is one great piece of jewelry to be had; the ring. One ring to rule them all. There are other great gift ideas from this category. For example, there are several pieces of jewelry that were worn in the movies. Everything from rings to necklaces and all of them can easily be found online.


Every Lord of the Rings fan, who has seen the movies, has a favorite actor/actress. A poster of that favorite actor/actress is a gift that the Lord of the Rings fan will surely love. In fact, I know they will because I got my Granny two Lord of the Rings posters for her birthday a couple years back (she’s a huge Lord of the Rings fan) and she loved them.

Special Editions:

Lord of the Rings fans are just like Harry Potter fans when it comes to special editions. They want all the different covers, the edition that has all the books in one volume, and then there are also the leather bound editions. Look around and see what you can find.

First Editions:

A Lord of the Rings fan would bow down at your feet upon receiving such a gift. In other words, these are very hard to come by, but if you can and it’s at a reasonable price, you really must buy it. Used bookstores, yard sales, etc may be run by sellers who don’t realize what they have and you may find a great price. Keep your eyes open when shopping at such places and just maybe you’ll find this perfect gift.


If the Lord of the Rings fan in your life doesn’t have these DVDs, you really must buy them for them. A perfect gift in this category is the editions that come with the collectibles. The Fellowship of the Ring Gift Set comes with a set of Argonath bookends, The Two Towers Gift Set comes with a statue of Gollum, and The Return of the King Gift Set comes with a Minas Tirith keepsake box.


There are so many great gifts in this category. Everything from fancy chess sets to figurines to goblets. One of the best places to find these gifts is from The Noble Collection. Any Lord of the Ring fan would love gifts from this site. My Granny has found several gifts that she would like to have on there. Please note that these collectibles are not cheap, but are very high quality.


Now finding a Tolkein autograph would be absolutely amazing. The prospect of getting such a gift would make most Lord of the Rings fans drool. You would probably have to shell out a few hundred, if not thousand for such a gift. Instead, find out who their favorite actor/actress was in the films and buy an autograph of one of those people instead. Better yet, send a letter to them and request an autographed picture. Do this several months before the holidays to ensure the picture arrives in time.

These gifts would make any Lord of the Rings fan very happy.

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