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I have written many articles about games that have recently entered into their beta phase, and this is no different. Red Stone has entered the open beta phase a few months ago. It is free to play the game while many others are free to play with the option to buy additional things. 

Downloading and installing Red Stone is very easy and fast. Though it may take a few moments for the game to get started because there is a security guard that the program runs automatically. There can be times when the game loads slowly, but that could be due to the many players that are in the game at the same time. The music that plays when it is loading a page gets you ready for battle and in the mood for the game, unlike Lunia which was more like an Anime type of music. This is just like Minecraft in terms of interactiveness. You will surely love this game if you like Minecraft. Additionally, With the help of this contact form we can use the graphics of the game which can be drastically changing the game completely. 

Now there are two servers: Prandel and Duel. The Duel server is PVP meaning you can just kill other players whenever you want. One can only have four characters to each account, which isn’t too bad whereas some games like Conquer you can only have one. There are twelve classes you can choose from: summoner, tamer, lancer, archer, warrior, thief, are just a few. Certain classes are certain genders. There are five females, six males, and one unknown gender. That does get frustrating when you want to play a certain class, but want it to be a certain gender like if you want to play an archer you must be a woman character. In the town, there are different merchants for the different classes, meaning a summoner cannot go shop at a thief merchant. It seems that archer/lancer, thief, and priest are the most popular classes within the game.

When you create a new character you go through a series of rooms that are designed to teach you about the game and how to control the character, talk, and even fight. It helps to know what each button does when you are going into the game. You need to click to move, but if you keep the left button down as you move your character will keep moving in the direction that you have the mouse. It helps when you are going on a long journey in the game. When you get skill points you can put your points into skills for your class or a parallel one. Such as archers can put skill into the lancer class and when they want a change, they can transform their character skills. The map doesn’t really help when moving because it is so small. The city itself is very large and it can be hard to find specific things that you want.

Battling is easy, like most games you just click the monster you want to fight and you start to fight. Some items you can pick up automatically such as items for a quest, while other items you need to pick up, and sometimes that can be hard. Also some quests you can get automatically others you need to talk to the nonplayer character to get it. Some quests you can cancel and others you cannot. It seems like the ones you cannot cancel are the ones that you get automatically. The graphics in this game aren’t perfect and don’t measure up to other games like World of Warcraft, but they are the best this gamer has seen in a free to play the game. You are looking down on your character, but that makes it easy to see everything that is around you when in battle. Some monsters attack you automatically so looking down you can be prepared to fight.

This is a wonderful game to play and it’s a lot of fun to play. The other players are friendly and don’t steal your kills as some would in other games. It is easy to see where you can transport to new zones from and where teleporters are, though it takes ten thousand gold to teleport somewhere, which is a lot of gold within the game, other games range from one hundred gold to one thousand. Honestly, this is one of the best games that I have played in a long time. I would play this over World Of Warcraft at this point. Check it out for yourself and decide what you think when it comes to a fantastic free to play the game.

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