Five Free Tools To Help Brainstorm Solutions And Spark Innovation

There are times when you need all your thoughts on a piece of paper so that you can get the bigger picture on your mind and work on that properly. Which is why there are several online tools that are there to help you get more organized and productive as well. Mind mapping tools are really useful in this process. You can use several mind mapping tools in order to create the best mind maps with their pre-loaded templates and puzzle piece template to make your mind map more interesting and useful.

Here are 5 free mind mapping tools that you can use in order to spark innovation inside yourself.

1.Coggle is a free web-based app that you can use in order to create some best and useful mind maps easily. You get a straightforward interface that is really easy to use. You just have to log in using your email to get started with Coggle. You get multiple tools and options as well that you can use in order to create and share some of your best mind maps. You get the option to add unlimited lines and images as you create your mind map. Moreover, when you are done with your work you can easily download it in PDF or PNG format as well.

2.The Brain is a java based tool that you can use to create mind maps on your Windows, Mac, or iOS device. Although you get a free and a pro version of this app, you get most of the basic features in the free version. With this app, you can add thoughts and ideas to your mind map and share them with others as well. But with the free version, you would not be able to attach files or documents to your mind map. Moreover, it is not really easy for you to start using the brain in an instant. This is why you should invest some of your time in order to learn about the various powerful features this tool has to offer.

3.Freemind is another cross-platform web app that you can use to create simple yet powerful mind maps. It is one of the best open-source mind mapping tools that you can use for a flexible and consistent performance on every platform. You can add images, diagrams, and links within your mind map along with the capability of adding almost unlimited branches as well. All this makes this free tool an interesting and subtle choice as a mind mapping tool. This free app offers its users all the features and options as they create a mind map.

4.SimpleMind Free is an app that is specifically designed for Android and iOS users. This is an easy to use app that works really well with your mobile or tab. You can easily create mind maps and add multiple images to them as well. There are some limitations to this app as well, such as, you can not add links or hyperlinks to your files. In order to do so, you need to upgrade your app to its premium version. You can get the full version for just 4.99$. However, the free version is fine for basic mind mapping.

5.Labyrinth is another mind mapping tool that you can use in order to create useful mind maps. It is a Linux only mind mapping tool that allows you to create simple mind maps instantly. There are no limits to the length of the mind map which is why you can consider this tool when you need to create bulky mind maps. This is a minimal tool which is why you can not add link and hyperlink to your mind maps.

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