Filmaffinity.Com: The Best Social Networking Site for Movie Buffs!

Filmaffinity is a great social networking website, and unlike other social networking sites (ahem, facebook), it isn’t overly saturated with “friends” who send me obnoxious application requests. Filmaffinity is a great movie recommendations website. It is the place to be if you are obsessed with movies and are wondering which film to check out next. Once you’re registered at Filmaffinity, you can browse a huge list of movies and rate the ones you’ve already seen. Also, if you’re trying to decide which movie to see, you can find the most recommended films based on the ratings from other users. This is a superior way to find recommended films from people who actually have a similar taste in movies instead of depending on whatever Netflix or Rotten Tomatoes has to say. If I’m looking for a new movie to watch and I am really into film noir, each time I look at the recommended films list on Netflix, I will be greeted with a long list of romantic comedies (aka chick flicks). But if I ask my friends on Filmaffinity, they’ll be sure to have a suggestion that fits my idea of a good movie.

Beyond the whole movie recommendations aspect of Filmaffinity, I find it a great website for social networking. Users can chat with each other about movies and often end up making friends with Filmaffinity users who have similar taste in movies. Filmaffinity has named these friends “movie soulmates” and I find that this description is pretty accurate. For example, I am into Coen brothers movies but none of my friends at school or work are. Fortunately, I have my movie soulmates at Filmaffinity to help me out in a pinch, if say, I’m about to go to the movie rental place and have no idea what to get.

My one complaint about Filmaffinity? I find it a bit too mainstream for my tastes. I would really appreciate it if the website included more about independent films instead of focusing so much on the more popular movies. Another downside is that since Filmaffinity is more popular in Spain and other parts of Western Europe, I find few movie soulmates from the United States. Not that I’m against friends in other countries-I’m all for it! But it would be nice to compare notes with a few more people who shared the release date (which is often earlier in Europe) and, well, spoke English (Since it’s more popular in Spain, there always seems to be a ton of Spanish on the site). But I still was able to find English speaking soulmates who happened to provide some recommended films that were actually independent films. And I expect to find more as Filmaffinity continues to improve! The purchasing should be made from as they deliver the followers with complete accuracy. The charges of the purchasing will be under the budget of the person. 

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